Please download FineReport from the following. Before starting after installation, be sure to find your activation code, which would be shown on this page after you fill the activation form.

FineReport is free for personal use. If you have any enterprise needs or further information about our product price, please contact our sales.

Download a Deployment Package

The web container as well as required webapps are integrated in this package. There is no need to configure environment. It can be deployed directly. The embedded web container is Tomcat 8.5.50 and JDK is OpenJDK 1.8. The default port is 8080.

V11.0 Server deployment version

Win 64



Linux Server, if error occurs when viewing templates, please execute this command: yum install fontconfig, and restart the system.

How to use the deployment package

1.Click a package that matches your OS to start the dwonload

2.Unzip the package

3.Start the web container and view reports in the report project

>>Reference Help Doc for detailed instructions
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