Fanruan held a new product release conference, FineReport 10.0+FineBI5.0 released FineReport | BI Reporting and Dashboard Software

Fanruan held a new product release conference, FineReport 10.0+FineBI5.0 released

On October 12, 2018, the highly anticipated “2018 Fanruan New Product Launch Conference and User Experience Day” was held in Shanghai. This event brought together nearly 800 enterprise IT technicians and data peers from all walks of life to gather together.  With the theme of “FINE DAY”, the conference focused on the current development direction of big data. In this conference, you can speak your mind  and  draw a  blueprint for big data applications.

FINE DAY| 2018 Shanghai User Conference and New Product Launch Conference

Grasp the trend and win the future

The main agenda of the conference is divided into three parts:the new product launch conference of FineReport 10.0 andFineBI 5.0;next is user benchmark speech and exhibition area communication experience.

At the beginning of the conference, Zhao Yizhao, general manager of  Fanruan Bussiness Division, explained to us the future of business intelligence is very impressive and briefly introduced the development of  Fanruan. In the past eleven years, Fanruan has grown from a studio with only three people to a team of more than 700 people because Fanruan have been adhering to an idea: to use the original heart, to mature things, to do forever, and product, service, and ecological strategies are the most vivid manifestations of this value. Former CCTV host Zhang Quanling once said: When the times abandon you, even a goodbye will not say. Therefore, in the current era of big data, what Fanruan to do is to grasp the trend and win the future.


Speech by Zhao Yizhao, Fanruan Business Unit General Manager

FineReport 10.0, full of confidence!

The  release of FineReport 10.0 is a major highlight of this user conference. Compared with the previous version 9.0 to achieve business value, using the characteristics of the data, this 10.0 will bring us a new experience!

Yang Weihua, the product manager of  Fanruan, focused on three core aspects of the 10.0 version: The first aspect, security. The 21st century is the era of data. Data is the core secret and competitiveness of enterprises. Protecting the security of data has become a link that enterprises have to pay attention to. In the design and development of FineReport10.0, we are committed to “safety”, from the perspective of patching vulnerabilities and proactive defenses to improve the security of the application as a whole.

The second aspect is performance. If data security is a guarantee, then performance is the key to competition. The performance of version 10.0 has changed a lot compared with 9.0. The log storage is out of the database, especially the built-in hsql, which becomes a swift engine based on fanruan’s own development and which makes the system more stable. The third aspect is reliability.

Version 10.0 allows all configuration and resource modifications made through the FineReport product to be synchronized at any time, achieving high consistency, and the system can be used normally after the node is down.

At the end of the introduction of the new product, Yang Weihua stated that our goal is to create a product that can bring happiness, and the product “meaning of life” lies in the confidence given by the user.

Fanruan Product Manager Yang Weihua explains version 10.0

FineBI 5.0, new for customers!

As a tool for independent analysis of enterprise-based business people,Jiadong.Wang of FineBI product manager of Finereport software  also brought us a new FineBI 5.0,which strives to be a user-level, simple and enterprise-class data analysis tool. The so-called user-level simplicity is to focus on the data analysis needs of individual users, reduce the threshold of data analysis, provide intelligent chart recommendation, unlimited visual analysis and more adaptive modes, making the operation more convenient and more beautiful.

In addition, the FineBI 5.0 self-service dataset function solves the contradiction between open data and registion&permissions, and provides users with more data operation rights, including table data filtering, sorting, group summary analysis, establishing table association, and automatically triggering update data. Registion&Permissions under various granular permissions allows users to play more data value; the enterprise-level power is the focus on enterprise-level data architecture solutions. FineBI 5.0 integrates the real-time data engine of the direct docking database with the engine for extracting data into a spider computing engine. It can support 1 billion-level large data volume analysis and support the switching between real-time data and stored data.

Furthermore, FineBI 5.0’s new breakthrough is not only data analysis, but also deep mining, preset mining function, and five types of algorithms. With a simple drag and drop, you can see the visualization in a timely manner through powerful data mining.

In addition to FineReport and FineBI, Fanruan mobile products are also fully interactive and improved. Make mobile report viewing and data analysis more powerful and secure.

Fanruan Software FineBI Product Manager Wang Jiadong explains version 5.0


Oriental Pearl | BI’s new media development path

Oriental Pearl New Media Data Zhongtai manager Qu Pu in the sharing the development of new media, the current mention is the big data BI era, then the future is to move forward to DI, DI data intelligence is AI technology plus BI solution, the two combine . In the big data era, the data in the middle of the system, that is, the OPG data in the middle. Among them, Qu Manager focused on BI reporting services and recommendation systems. And our BI report can solve these two problems perfectly. One is the problem of data silos across data sources, and the other is big data. Help companies integrate converged data for analysis.

Ping An Health Insurance | Visual Analysis in the field of health insurance

Ping An Health Insurance Big Data Manager focuses on the value of data visualization in the field of visual analysis in the field of health insurance. In today’s era of big data, data applications often encounter many difficulties when delivering business users: data collection is difficult ,data analysis is difficult and data sharing is difficult, so it is necessary to use visualization technology to improve data availability and release data potential to solve these difficulties.  Xia Manager also focused on sharing several cases in the user portrait, using our Fine BI software to achieve data visualization is very obvious, you can accurately display the user’s life cycle, location distribution, etc..

Fanruan’s fans Theme Interactive Exhibition

This conference also has fans of Fanruan to participate in the interaction. FineDay provides interactive exhibitions for the majority of sweet potatoes, such as Wufan Store, Community Problem Clinic, and VR Large Screen Experience. During the visit, Fanruan’s fans were also satisfied with the release of FineReport 10.0 and FineBI 5.0 ,and all indicated that the latest version has been downloaded. At the same time, Fans have high hopes for the future of Fanruan.


Fanruan’s fans  interaction

In this conference, nearly 10,000 people’s banquet halls were packed, the real contents on the stage continued, the applause of the audience was not over, the whole meeting climaxed. In the midfield of the meeting, we also prepared interesting and interactive answers, and won the grand prize .The whole atmosphere reached its peak.

Live photo

Exhibition photo

Group photo of customer and Wufan

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