Rich application scenarios

With FineReport, you can easily create a cool management dashboard without custom development. / Support publishing to multi-scene big screen for visual centralized control

Excellent product experience

Fanruan big screen not only inherits the excellent characteristics of Fanruan products, but also makes breakthrough innovations in layout, display and interaction, only to bring you excellent big screen visualization experience.

Easily integrate heterogeneous data sources

Easily integrate data from different business systems such as ERP/OA/MES to the same visualization page, breaking information islands and making decision making clearer

Rich visual elements

Provide dozens of visual elements such as forms, graphics, controls, web frames, pictures, videos, scrolling messages, digital clocks, etc., and enjoy visual feast

Free layout, visual design more freehand

Support adaptive layout, absolute layout, tab layout / zero-code drag-and-drop operation / Free DIY layout of different visualization elements on the interface

Background monitoring, real-time data acquisition

Intelligently monitor background data and keep abreast of the latest data. Support for independent monitoring of individual elements

Multiple visualization effects

Personalized features such as thermal map display, dynamic flow display, flash animation, custom fill, etc., provide more display solutions to your data

Dynamic interaction, sensitive to data changes

By multi-dimensional drilling, linkage analysis and other functions, the connection between data can be discovered perceptively. Help you better analyze and solve business problems

Adaptive multi-screen display

Support adaptive display on a variety of devices such as mobile phones, tablets, splicing screens, etc., to help you control enterprise data anytime, anywhere

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