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Four Basic Ways to Automate Data Acquisition

Data analysis tutorials of how to collect high quality data.

• 12th Sep, 2019

Make data productive—an easy way from data extraction to data visualization

An easy way from data extraction to data visualization, come and get it now!

• 10th Sep, 2019

Ten Best Office Software:Improve your Efficiency

By using these office software, you will greatly improve your efficiency.

• 9th Sep, 2019

How beginners make a cool dashboard?

A guide for beginners to make dashboard.

• 30th Aug, 2019

Data Gravity- Shorten the Distance between Data and Value

How to shorten the distance between data and value? An article to tell you how to build a link between data and value in data gravity.

• 28th Aug, 2019

Data Has Gravity——How to Improve the Quality of Data & Value

What’s the gravity between data and value? An article to tell you how to manage data in a more efficient way.

• 27th Aug, 2019

Thousands of CIOs Gather in FanRuan Intelligent Data Conference 2019

Thousands of CIOs gathered in 2019 FanRuan Intelligent Data Conference to talk about data application solutions in various industries.

• 23rd Aug, 2019

Where Do You Travel Next? Let Data Analysis Tell You

Still looking for the next place to travel? Let big data tell you the answer.

• 22nd Aug, 2019


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Compare FineReport and Crystal Reports

what’s difference between Crystal Reports and FineReport?Compare to Crystal Reports, FineReport statements either in report design,data presentation, or form, application integration, etc., Obviously has distinct advantages.

• 5th Jul, 2010

Five kinds of mainstream web reports Contrast: Batch Report Print

While web reports can be displayed on a computer screen, but many times need visual display of the analysis in the paper, which tested the web reporting tool report printing capabilities, web reports can not be separated, the print will ultimately have to batch. Therefore, this article is designed to print from multiple parameters, paging, […]

• 5th Jul, 2010

Java report printing with flash Print

Java Reporting Tool FineReport support APPLET print, PDF print, FLASH print three kinds of report printing mode, adapt to a variety of different printing needs. Which, FineReport original FLASH report printing technology, the first perfect solution to the problems of java statements industry more than 10 years of browser-based printing problems.

, • 14th Dec, 2010

Five major web reporting tool comparison: design patterns easy to adjust

Any report with written procedures must be able to be resolved, reporting tools is to accelerate report development speed, so the report designer design efficiency is critical. Here introduce five separate main difference between web reporting tool on the report design patterns.

• 5th Jul, 2010

IIS integration with Tomcat server

IIS profile: The acronym for Internet Information Server (IIS) is a World Wide Web server. Gopher server and FTP server all inclusive inside. IIS means that you can publish Web pages, and there are ASP (Active Server Pages), JAVA, VBscript generated pages, with some extensions. IIS supports some interesting things, like the editorial environment interface […]

• 6th Jul, 2010

FineReport display parameter controls dynamically

Due to the needs of business, in many cases the need to achieve in a web report such an effect: When a condition is met, certain conditions before the query is displayed, as shown below, select the annual report, showing in the drop down box control; select month Daily, year and month displays a drop-down […]

• 29th Aug, 2011

Weblogic 10.1 configure JNDI datasource

NO.1 JNDI connection using the principles In the Report Designer to use JDBC to connect to the database, create a database connection, and then create a dataset using SQL or other methods, making better use of data collection reports, and then establish a connection to the database from JDBC connection into JNDI connection, save the […]

• 6th Jul, 2010

Use FineReport making main report and subreport

As shown in the figure is a fill tables, divided into two parts, the upper part of the main table for the order, the lower half is divided into order details, some of the data were from two different physical form, after the user modifies the data, while preserving to two physical table and maintain […]

• 6th Jul, 2010

Display format and display values setting

Number Name Date of Birth Gende Qualification Scholarship 1 Nancy 1948-12-08 M Middle ¥2000.00 2 Andrew 1952-02-19 F High School ¥3000.00 3 Janet 1963-08-30 M Middle ¥2500.00 4 Margaret 1937-09-19 女 College ¥2600.00 5 Steven 1955-03-04 F Junior ¥2100.00 6 Michael 1963-07-02 F Master ¥3500.00 7 Robert 1960-05-29 F Junior ¥2900.00 8 Laura 1958-01-29 M […]

• 5th Jul, 2010

Java reporting tool with a fixed number of records FineReport achieve pagination

In pagination preview the report or print the report came out, often require a fixed number of records paging, making it more convenient to browse the report, print it out and more beautiful. Use “condition attribute” FineReport reporting tool functionality can easily achieve this effect. Here to introduce Web Reporting Tool FineReport achieve a fixed […]

, • 30th May, 2011

FineReport under Linux

Aforementioned Operating system: linux Server: resin Reporting Application: FineReport Procedure 1. Install jdk 2. Installing the server,Case in resin 3. Configure Report Project

• 6th Jul, 2010

Top 16 Types of Chart in Data Visualization

Data visualization helps us understand data more easily. This post covers the top 16 types of chart in data visualization and their application scenarios, helping users quickly select the type of chart that shows the characteristics of their data.

, • 22nd Jul, 2019

How Can Beginners Design Cool Data Visualizations?

For data analysts, visualization is always a timeless study because it reveals to us the laws behind the data. This article is a guide to data visualization design. With good tools and right methods, beginners can also make cool visualizations.

A Beginner’s Guide to Business Dashboards

In the field of business intelligence, a business dashboard is like a car dashboard. It displays various indicators through common charts such as speedometers, volume columns, early warning radars and radar balls, to reflect the running status of the enterprise in real time, thus helping managers make scientific decisions.

Data Visualization: 31 Tools that You Need Know

Data visualization: 31 tools that you need know

• 14th Aug, 2019

Compare 6 Types and 14 Data Visualization Tools

Which data visualization tool do you recommend? That’s a tricky question to answer. In this article I will compare 14 best data visualization tools for you.

What Data Analysis Tools Should I Learn to Start a Career as a Data Analyst?

Data analysts are often divided into two categories: business analysts and technical analysts. And their requirements for tools are quite different. This post summarizes the data analysis tools necessary for data analysts.

I Made a Dynamic Hurricane Map with Excel!

This post is a step-by-step guide to making a dynamic hurricane map with Excel.

The Skills That Data Analysts Need to Master

If you want to learn about the data profession, read on for an overview of the tech you must know to have success in the field.

• 19th Jun, 2019

How beginners make a cool dashboard?

A guide for beginners to make dashboard.

• 30th Aug, 2019

What is data visualization? Definitions, Importance, and Tips

In short, data visualization is presenting structured or unstructured data graphically to present information hidden in the data directly to people.

Learning Path for FineReport Beginners

Here is a learning path to people who are new to FineReport. It covers most of the concepts and resources you need to create a good report with FineReport.

• 8th Apr, 2019

Comparison of Data Analysis Tools: Excel, R, Python and BI

This article compares the four most popular data analysis tools: Excel, R, Python and BI. If you want to enter the field of data analysts, you can start with these four tools.

, • 28th May, 2019

Top 8 Statistics Data Analysts Need to Master in 2019

Statistics is the cornerstone of data analysis. Here is a summary of statistical knowledge points, which covers basic statistics, probability distribution, population and sample, confidence interval, etc.

• 29th Mar, 2019

4 Principles to Choose the Perfect Color Combination for Your Data Visualization

This article tells you 4 principles to pick the perfect color combination for your data visualization. The color scheme sets the tone of anything that you’ve created and each color serves to represent a unique piece of information. And FineReport has built in a lot of beautiful color schemes to allow users to choose.

2019’s Best Reporting Tool that Reaches Far beyond Excel

It is troublesome to use Excel to do reporting because it can’t be highly specialized for various business requirements. You really need a professional reporting tool to improve your work efficiency.

• 9th May, 2019

25 Chart Effects That Make Your Data Visualization Advanced

This post covers 25 practical chart effects that can help you make advanced visualizations!

Data Analysis Practice Guide——How to begin

An article to tell you how to begin learning data analysis!

• 26th Jul, 2019

Top 7 Most Common Data Visualization Types: How to Choose and Design

Here is the impressive visualization guide for choosing the right data visualization types from the top 7 most commonly used charts and design it for your data visualization: bar chart, pie chart, line chart, area chart, scatter plort, bubble chart, heat map.

FineReport vs Tableau: why can FineReport occupy China’s BI market?

We compare FineReport and Tableau from the product line, product positioning, situation of Chinese enterprises, and product roadmap, to analyze the reasons why FineReport can occupy China’s BI market.

, , , • 28th Jun, 2019


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