If you want to replace Crystal Reports, You can’t miss FineReport. FineReport reporting software for reporting data to show the complexity of the format and web reports by multi-source fragmentation, irregular grouping, two-way extension to easily drag and drop do complex formatting reports, production reports from out complex SQL and expressions, no need to develop programming, greatly improving the efficiency in the production report.

Compare to Crystal Reports, FineReport statements either in report design,data presentation, or form, application integration, etc., Obviously has distinct advantages.

Report Design


In the report design, the advantages that FineReport reporting tool is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

Multi Data SourcesFineReport report design naturally supports multiple data sources (set), with a report of data simultaneously from multiple data tables, multiple different databases, or multiple different user-defined data views, and then directly to operate and calculate with each other in the report to create a final report.

And a way to connect data sources are also diversity, supports JDBC, JNDI data sources, such as Oracle, DB2, SQLServer, MySQL, and other mainstream database, custom data source program, the text data source, Hibernate data source, Remedy, etc. At the same time the data source has unlimited scalability to support WebService, SOA and other standard data.

Crystal Reports only supports a single data set, in theory, support for multiple sets depends on the computing power of the database (fork by the joint or write stored procedures, etc.), multiple database support is generally difficult. Another approach is to disguise the multiple data sources into a single data source finishing, and then perform other operations, not multiple data sources in the true sense.

Packets Adjustment, imcomplete Separate packets

Report data packets are among the most common way. Packet FineReport reporting tools, is built on a cell basis, so removing grouping, changing operations such as grouping field, you only need to operate the cell, independent of the other data in the report. In addition, in many cases, the data is not completely enumeration type grouping, but some fixed ranks, or other forms grouped by segment, FineReport report provides a user-defined groups, you only need to add some conditions to achieve an irregular grouping purposes.

Crystal Reports, all of the data model is divided in the ribbon bar which, when you delete a packet grouping related summary unit will be deleted, adjust the grouping field can only delete the reconstruction, the entire operation is relatively cumbersome, and will lead to duplication of efforts. Irregular grouping in Crystal Report which is just modify the group name can not be modified to calculate the other to follow the data.

Data expansion and crosstabs

Extended FineReport data reporting tools, is bidirectional, that is the ranks of the symmetrical and consistent ability transverse and longitudinal directions, you can easily create cross Report (multi-layer) can be produced in the same style sheet counterparts complex header.

Crystal Reports making cross-reporting method is the use of a special cross-table model, whose header is generated automatically follow the wizard, the lack of flexibility.

Report slice

Among complex reports, the report is divided into multiple pieces phenomenon is very common that the entire report is a big report rules, but can actually be divided into several small areas of irregular, seemingly no connection between the various regions, but the data can be correlated between the actual. FineReport With support for multiple data sources, as well as expand the ranks of the data, thus supporting the report repeat or mutual independence of each piece operation, and allows mixing fixed and variable slice.

Crystal Reports single-table model does not support fragmentation. For the fragmentation of the report, a process approach is programmed in advance to prepare the data, the other is a report by the sub-stitching to complete. Treatment rather cumbersome, and these two treatment methods are not always able to meet the requirements, the design needs of report formats.

Interbank Group Operational

Reports often requires operation interbank group, as compared with the previous period, more than last year and so on. Cell-level coordinate concept FineReport report accurately reference any cell after an extension, then the expression common to write these interbank group operations.

Crystal Reports can easily support some fixed interbank operations, such as the cumulative value over the previous period and so on, more complex set of calculations can only be programmed in advance interbank prepare data.

Reports Display and Output

Smilar Excel display style

Display FineReport reporting tools style, is completely analogous to Excel,the edit mode cell line alignment, which greatly facilitated the design and output of the report, and the inner grid property unit compares the freedom and flexibility, the format can be arbitrarily complex reports.

Crystal Reports are drawn using drag and drop controls reports, this program did not reflect the form of regularity, when the meter complex, the alignment is very cumbersome. And with the resolution related to the alignment of the table on the screen, on the page and print time and can not be aligned.

Input Output

FineReport report supports single or bulk import Excel files, so you can by business people, pre-drawn like a good table, improve the efficiency of the production of the report, and bulk import, reduce repetitive work more. The generated report files can be exported as HTML, undistorted PDF, a variety of styles Excel, Word, CSV, SVG, and text files. In addition, the built-in template files can be generated.

Crystal Reports can not support the import Excel files, can only read data from Excel. It generates HTML generally only support IE; often only data loss format when exporting EXCEL, individual tools to complete relatively careful, but also heavily dependent on the degree of alignment when drawing tables, generated text only format, including data loss, can not support the character terminal report printing needs.

Package Printing

FineReport statements are depicting underlay, absolute positioning manner Printing template rendering, users can scan bills will come in as the background image Printing with Report Designer position display data can pinpoint the location of the data.

Crystal Reports can only use the exact measure of the program, a good amount of size to set the size of the bill Printing form controls, tedious operation inefficient.

Paging print, columns, and other print control

FineReport report provides all the print control: According to the group, or any other way to force a page break, make up an empty line.

When the tab title can be repeated, not only the head of the table, the table wide reports, which left the header can also be set to repeat display paging.

Data can be freely column, a longer report, you can follow the line of columns to display a multi-column; more columns report, you can use the column column to multi-line display them to the same page.

Crystal Reports, generally only support header repetition, not mandatory paging, make up blank lines, columns and other operations.



Form backfill to use Crystal Reports can not support the function . FineReport support backfill based on pure HTML forms, supporting all major browsers.

Edit Style

Forms provide general text editing boxes, check boxes, drop-down list boxes, drop-down calendar, file uploads.

Automatic calculation

Forms can support a similar function automatically calculates the EXCEL program is completed automatically calculated based on user settings to generate JavaScript expression at the front. Automatic calculation can be cross-table, multi-sheet operation and calculation with each other.

Data consistency check

Support for backfill data validity check.

Extension data

Allow the report between the cell and any corresponding database fields, and has the ability to automatically expand. Support any format forms backfill data.

Backfill directly to the database

Users fill in the data, which are stored in the database directly, without intermediaries.

Multi-level summary reporting

Report form is also statistical tables, cell data can have different origin and destination, so you can start out lower body aggregated data coupled with additional modifications after the fill to the parent database.

FineReport reports, ten times the efficiency of its watchmaking tradition reporting tool to foreign products represented.

Compare point FineReport CrystalReport
Application Integration The background of environmental support Pure JAVA, full support Windows
Individual product only supports the Windows
The front desk environment support Pure HTML, full support Generally only supports IE
J2EE application server management Embedded applications can take full advantage of the ability of an application server Stand-alone server, application server capability not available
J2EE WEB deployment With the application of unified deployment Separate installation deployment, operations cumbersome
J2EE application interface Rich is complete, the tightly bound Through a network protocol, lack of intensity, chart, often using ancient CGI mode
Java Application Integration support Does not support the non-pure JAVA
.NET Application Integration Support, independent service support
Page Integration Completely free to embed Independent portal, it is difficult
User access control Consistent with the application Independent mechanism is cumbersome
IDE integration capabilities Limited Support Not supported
Concurrency Strong, 40,000 cell table in 512M memory may be complicated by 50 or more Base program memory demanding, less the number of concurrent
Data Design Multiple data sources (set) Direct Indirect support
Complete packet (multilayer) suppor Support, more cumbersome
Fully cross (multilayer Support, no special treatment Support, with a special crossover model
Incomplete packets / fixed ranks support programming prepare data
Up and down sections Support, down format is inconsistent, mixing fixed changes Programmable prepare data format consistent, otherwise you have to fight child form
left and right sections Support, fixed changes mixed, direct high operation performance Fixed column programmable data, using the DB cross-product performance is poor
Interbank Group Operational Support, free universal Fixed an inter-bank operation simple, does not support across the group
Independent grid operator Support, free universal Fixed several operations, to deal specifically from DB
Master from the repor The concept can be completed without the child table Must use the child table, the data can not communicate
Child table Multilayer any, grid lines can be aligned to zoom, horizontal and vertical positioning can be automatically Usually two horizontal table is not automatic placement
Parameters and Macros/td> support Only supports parameter
Reports show The basic scheme EXCEL grid-style, convenient Control style, alignment tedious
import excel support Not supported
package printing Basemap depicting Accurate measurement
Report Output Format Standard HTML, PDF, word completely undistorted EXCEL, Formatted Text PDF, special HTML, EXCEL format loss, unformatted text
Chart output format GIF,JPG,PNG GIF,JPG
Print page columns Horizontal and vertical can force the page Only supports portrait and not separable column
Other print control A multi-page paper, fill an empty line, Zoom Scaling
Forms Edit Style Text editing, drop-down selection Not supported
Automatic calculation support
Legal entity check support
Database Match any cross of Rows and columns
Multi-level summary reporting support

Deployment and Application Integration

WEB deployment

Service program FineReport reporting tools to JAR package form, can be labeled with the application package together unified deployed on an application server, installation is very easy.

Crystal Reports is a standalone server program needs to be installed separately, report files should also be deployed individually, together, and the application can not be updated.

Support environment

FineReport statements using pure JAVA development, regardless of the Report Designer or servers can be deployed JDK support all operating systems, there are JDBC database interface, especially for UNIX / LINUX support and Windows are exactly the same. Rather than JAVA reporting tool in this respect is much more difficult.

Rich API interface

FineReport reporting tools to the application programmer provides a clear structure, rich JAVA API calls, the report can be extended and depth control.

Crystal Reports using a separate server program, the application interface is completed by a network protocol, scarce number of interfaces, control is weak, but also seriously affect performance. HTML charts and other external resources often uses CGI primitive way, will leave difficult to manage temporary files in the file system.

Page Integration

FineReport generated HTML reports can easily be placed in the embedded application page (JSP), and from the browser do not see the integration of third-party products.

Crystal Reports has its own separate gateway mechanism, it is difficult to embed the generated HTML pages at random, often have to bring out its own report management interface products, it is difficult to achieve seamless embedding.