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Five kinds of mainstream web reports Contrast: Batch Report Print

While web reports can be displayed on a computer screen, but many times need visual display of the analysis in the paper, which tested the web reporting tool report printing capabilities, web reports can not be separated, the print will ultimately have to batch. Therefore, this article is designed to print from multiple parameters, paging, print, zoom and print reporting tool analyzes each batch report printing capabilities.


There batch report printing capabilities, but generally require special programming to realize the batch report printing; some of the more simple slice print by main report and subreport to achieve;not automatically fit the paper size; no support columns printing; does not support a multi-page paper printing; do not make up the last page blank line support; does not support scaling; longitudinal paging support, does not support horizontal pagination.


Any language itself supports batch report printingcalls, you can give each report is provided for each report can pass different parameters; the client can remember the print settings; automatically fit the paper size, the printer automatically adapts to the printing direction; support header left header, footer at the right end of the table is repeated on each page; forced by group paging support; support for a fixed number of lines forced paging,
support horizontal / portrait booklet printing; support column printing. Support Applet, PDF, Flash multiple web reports printed.


3.Crystal Report

There batch report printing capabilities. For the first batch printing out multiple different reports, with a report to print multiple times with different parameters, etc., shall be subject to a separate program to achieve; some of the more simple sliced ​​lengthwise report printing only supports paging, paging does not support landscape; not support columns printing; does not support a multi-page printing paper; do not support a blank line at the end of page inadequate; supports zooming; supporting accurate printing.


Batch printing methods provide java support, master tables, reports and call volume printing group class package; holding cross / longitudinal pagination; Support mandatory paging; support for small multi-page bill a piece of paper; make up the last page blank line support; support for compact edition; Support modify the report before printing a variety of unique printing needs China data; only a mature Applet report printing solutions.

5.Ming Yu report

Page Setup can be achieved through a few simple statements of a report to insert another blank parts of the simple batch printing, but for a different batch print multiple reports with a report multiple times with different parameters to print, you can only be programmed realized; longitudinal paging support; support column printing; not mandatory paging; it needs to install the ActiveX control to implement other like a paper pages, scaling the print control statements.

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