Data reports are an important part of maintaining the company’s normal production and operations. The business development and financial status of the company need to be monitored through data reports. Developing reports is one of the necessary skills for data analysts or consultants. At present, most data analysts spend a lot of time making all kinds of complex reports.

Are you going through this situation now? Every day you receive various requirements from the business department, do data collection, analysis, and presentation, and make a lot of reports with all your energy. However, there are very few people who really check the reports, and the reports made are always unsatisfactory.

I have listed some problems related to reports in the company. I believe you must have all encountered.

  • Using Excel to make reports is easy to get stuck, and data changes frequently and it is easy to cause problems.
  • The staff are unable to make reasonable use of reporting tools and realize report automation.
  • There is too much demand for reports, and the speed of report generation is slow.
  • The reporting platform lacks management.

When an enterprise has reached a certain stage of development, you can no longer rely on ERP, OA or CRM for reporting, let alone Excel. If you want to solve these problems, you must first choose a good reporting platform, such as FineReport.

Application Architecture of FineReport

FineReport is a web-based reporting tool, written in Java. It can be deployed locally, so you don’t have to worry about corporate data security with this tool. Its designer is modeled after Excel. It is easy to get started with FineReport for beginners. FineReport is directly connected to the corporate database, so data modification can be synchronized in real time. It supports almost all database types.

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FineReport can be used for reporting and data visualization. You can use it to make various reports and dashboards, financial statements, developing purchase, sales, and inventory systems, etc.

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In addition to choosing the right reporting tool, you also need to be clear about which type of group of people in the company you make a data report for, and what their needs are.

1. Business people

  • Report display

The core data requirement of this type of user is to be able to quickly see the data results within the scope of authority. For example, a sales clerk need to see his real-time performance and the production progress of his orders.The procurement staff want to know the progress of the procurement task in a timely manner. The reports they need are mostly query reports. One can arbitrarily choose different dimensions of his own authority scope to see the results.

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  • Data Entry

In order to solve a certain business scenario, business personnel need to fill in data to quickly realize business processes, such as APP’s code scanning function for commodity query and commodity inventory in supermarkets. The mobile terminal of FineReport supports calling the mobile phone camera to scan the two-dimensional code, bar code recognition and input information, complete scan code query, scan code filling and storage and other actions.

2. Middle-level managers

For this kind of people, such as financial supervisors and personnel supervisors, we need to focus on three levels of functions.

  • Report display

The data report for them is mainly based on simple charts, accompanied by some data analysis. This is the advantage of FineReport, the rapid realization of complex reports.

  • Export analysis

When big leaders need you to explain the data, you can export the relatively primitive data into Excel for secondary processing and analysis. Or you directly export the solidified report into PDF/Excel for PPT reporting.

  • Mandatory data attention

How to make middle managers develop the habit of reading reports and paying attention to data? The information department can use FineReport’s timing scheduling function to actively push the reports to the responsible person through emails, etc.

3. Senior management

The demands of such users can be understood as grasping the company’s core business data through the dashboard. CEO pays attention to revenue and profit. Sales managers pay attention to sales and profits. The production director focuses on cost centers, supply chains, and so on.

These core management’s data requirements are to see the final results anytime, anywhere and in real time, and have a sense of control. They can discover some trends through simple data operations such as linkage and drilling. As for the causes and results, business personnel can analyze and report.

Investment Dashboard

As for this type of data reports, there are 3 functions to pay attention to.

  • Dashboard: management cockpit
  • Mobile: mobile visualization of dashboards
  • Simple data analysis: linkage, drilling


Follow these recommendations and choose the suitable reporting tool, you will easily building stunning and automated data reports. If you want to start quickly, just download FineReport for a free trial!

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