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3 Ways You Are Wasting Your CRM Data

3 Ways You Are Wasting Your CRM Data

1. What is CRM?

CRM system is a customer relationship management system, which uses information science technology to automate marketing, sales, service and other activities, so that enterprises can provide services to customers efficiently, and improve customers’ satisfaction and loyalty. As a hub for information exchange, the CRM reporting platform needs to summarize a large amount of data and present it clearly. The administrator can perform report management, user management, rights management, and platform management through CRM reports. Users can also view, collect, and report reports through CRM reports to complete various business activities.
If you can use CRM report data well, it will be of great help to boost enterprise revenue. However, many CRM softwares now just focus on planning management and process execution, often overlooking the importance of the CRM reporting system. For customers, there may be problems like poor demand expansion, lack of unified management, difficult operation and difficult maintenance. At this time, if you can use the reporting tool to build a CRM system, you can greatly solve this problem.

What are the Advantages of CRM Reporting System?

1. It can help enterprises to standardize customer information and prevent the loss of customer data due to factors such as personnel changes. 2. The enterprise can quickly query the detailed information and product requirements of a certain customer through the reporting system, and maintain relationship with customers in a targeted manner. 3. Focus on follow-up to truly valuable customers, reducing the time wasted on low-value users. 4. You can check the latest announcements issued by the company at any time, and get the tasks assigned by the superiors in time. 5. The attendance management of employees can be carried out through the reporting system, and the work of the employees can be timely informed. 6. Set different permissions according to the company’s rank structure to prevent corporate information disclosure.

Three Ways You Are Wasting Your CRM Data

– How to deal with the missing data

First ask you a question, is your customer data complete? Name, company, phone, mailbox… Is there always a few missing or wrong? What do you do when you face missing customer data? Experian reports that companies lose 12 percent of their revenue on average to bad data. This shows how much time it takes to process the missing data. If you can standardize data entry, everything will be a lot easier, and there won’t be a situation where the salesperson wants to send an email but doesn’t have an email address, or wants to contact by phone without a phone number. FineReport supports many data submission ways, respectively are -4 submission types: built-in smart submission, insert submission, delete submission, update submission, etc. You can set the cell not to participate in the submission when it is not edited. -Custom submission: support custom JAVA class submission. -Smart binding fields and cells: intelligently add fields and cells, and quickly bind them. -Support submitting conditions and events: only the data that meet the conditions will be entered into the database.

– Ignoring the Key Metrics

Are you ecstatic if one of your retail stores sold 10,000 chocolates today? But what do you find behind this illusory data? If your retail store can only sell 50 chocolates a day, and you didn’t push any promotions, then this must be anomalous data. You shouldn’t be happy, but to find out the cause of the data anomaly. So it’s very important to set the proper warning line, when the data exceeds the warning line, it will automatically tell you that a certain item needs to be checked. Then you can find the problem in time. It’s very important to set proper warning line to tell you when and where the abnormal data exists.
If you can use the CRM system built by the reporting tool, you can easily realize the linkage of various sales data reports, and obtain the progressive view of the data through data drilling. For example, from the area to the street to the store, finally through the specific categories of goods in this store, check the specific sales of chocolate to find the root of the problem.

– Did not take corresponding action

It is undeniable that many companies have adopted a very complete CRM system and collected complete customer data, but they have not used the data well. They even have not formed a complete user portrait. It is a waste of the system built by technicians and  marketing personnel‘s effort. High quality data is equal to no data if it is not used well. After the data is integrated and analyzed, if you can form a standardized report to help make decisions, it will save a lot of time to check the data. At this point, the advantages of the CRM system built with the reporting tool are very obvious. You can present complex data in a form, and even add, delete, and rewrite when you encounter data that needs to be modified. Quality data should affect many people, not just sales, operations, or even decision-making leadership. CRM built with reporting tools can integrate data into logical representations, telling you the root cause of abnormal data, or which parts needs to increase investment, and even affect the future direction of the company.


Enterprises should not stop collecting data at a time. CRM systems can turn this data into a bond that keeps customers connected for a long time. Reporting tools are a good helper for building CRM tools, which can help companies save time and resources, and reduce the operating costs of the company. In order to obtain core competitiveness in the transformation of the times, enterprises must know how to keep up with the times and constantly try to change, in order to bring continuous vitality to the enterprise, so as to obtain better development and progress. Follow FineReport Reporting Software on Facebook to learn more about reporting tools!

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