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The Setting Method of Your Chart Background

1. Description

As shown below, one chart can be divided into four areas for better data analysis: overall chart area (indicated by black box), drawing area (indicated by green background), title area (indicated by blue background) and legend area (indicated by yellow background), and all these are important parts of reporting tool and business intelligence tool.

We can click Chart Property- Style in the Chart Attribute Panel to configure border, background and other attributes for these four areas. We can select title background in Title tag, legend background in Legend tag and the drawing area along with chart area in the Background tag .
Background will be described in detail below.

2. Chart area

2.1 Border

Add borders to and set border color for edges of chart area by the Border Style.
Select Chart. Click the Chart Property- Style> Background > Chart Area to configure borders.
Default borders are angular and we can obtain rounded and bold-line borders by checking Rounded Border and configuring Line Style as bold as shown below:

2.2 Background

Settings for the chart area include background color, texture, pattern, picture and gradient color as shown below:

3. Drawing area

Style settings of the drawing area include: border, background, interval background and grid line, of which settings of border and background are the same as those of chart area and will not be repeated again. The interval background and grid line will be described in detail below.

3.1 Interval background

We can add interval background to the drawing area based on grid lines of horizontal and vertical coordinates.

3.2 Grid line

Select Chart. We can click Chart Property  – Style > Area > Drawing Area in the Chart Attribute Panel to add grid lines.
As shown below:

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