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The Procedures of Creating 3D Chart are coming!

As a good reporting tool, the chart, based on presentation form, is divided into 2D chart and 3D chart, both belonging to business intelligence tool. As the name implies, 2D chart is represented in a 2D space, while 3D chart is displayed in a 3D space, i.e., a stereoscopic space. 2D charts have been described before. Refer to Advanced Statistic Chart, which is for better data visualization. Basically, each 2D chart has a corresponding 3D chart, which will not be repeated. Here, we only describe 3D column chart.

1. Make template

1.1 Prepare data

Create a new workbook and add dataset with SQL statement of SELECT * FROM [sales volume].
Make a simple 3D column chart with the sales volume table.

1.2 Create column chart

Taking Cell Element as an example, click Insert > Cell Element > Insert Chart to pop up the Chart Wizard dialog. Select Column Chart and click OK.

1.3 Chart type

After creating column chart, set the column chart type to 3D column chart for better data analysis, as shown below. Select Chart. Select Chart Attribute Table- Style:

Note: 3D chart has no layout option.

1.4 Set chart data source

Here, select dataset data source. Set the data source as follows:

Note: 3D charts support hyperlink.

1.5 Save and preview

Save template and click Page-breaking Preview to see the effect as shown above.

Click 3DStacked.cpt to check template effect online.

For completed templates, see:%FR_HOME%\WebReport\WEB-INF\reportlets\doc\Advanced\Chart\3DStacked.cpt

Note: 3D charts don’t support axis in reverse order.

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