1. Description

click Chart Attribute Table – Style > Title in the Chart Toolbar and steps to title styles, one of aspects of reporting tool and business intelligence tool, as shown below:

2. Title

Title content

As shown above, we can configure titles to be visible or invisible. If a title is visible, we can configure its contents to be fixed texts (supporting direct input from textbox as shown above) or dynamic texts (defined by formulas).

Dynamic chart title

Click the Formula button to define as required the dynamic title along with parameters as shown below:

If area parameter is “North China”, then the chart title will indicate “Product Sales Volume in North China”.

Content style

We can configure font, pattern, size and color of title texts, such as “Song typeface, Bold and 12” shown below:


We can configure titles to be left-aligned, centered and right-aligned, and title alignment defaults to be centered.

3. Border and Background

Titles can be added with borders in different styles, such as linear, colored and rounded. For example, we can add borders to a title as shown below:
Background of title can also be configured. For example, the title background is configured as yellow with transparency of 50% as shown below: