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The Introduction of Making a Funnel Chart

1. Overview

A funnel chart, as an important reporting tool and business intelligence tool, displays the proportion of a stage and provides analysis of conversion rate. This chart represents a single-sequence chart with a part of 100% without using any axes for clear data analysis and data visualization.

2. Example

2.1 Prepare data

Create a new workbook and add built-in dataset ds1, recording sales order type and number of orders, as shown below:

Next, we will analyze the conversion rate of sales order by making a funnel chart to reflect sales opportunity status and working efficiency of salesmen.

2.2 Insert chart

Taking Float Chart as an example, click Insert > Float Element > Insert Chart. Select Funnel Chart and click OK.

2.3 Set chart data

Select Float Chart. In the right Chart Attribute Table, select Chart Attribute Table – Data

As required, in the Chart Attribute Table, you can further set Chart Style. For example, set as follows:

2.4 Save and preview

Save template and click Page-breaking Preview to see the effect as shown above.

Click Funnel_plot.cpt to check template effect online.

For completed templates, see: %FR_HOME%\WebReport\WEB-INF\reportlets\doc\Advanced\Chart\Funnel_plot.cpt

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