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The Instruction of Chart Style

1. Description

This section will give a general description about style attributes of charts, which belong to reporting tool, to help you learn how to beautify a chart and make a delicate statistical chart professionally so as  to prepare for better data analysis and data visualization. We will take the following column chart as example to explain settings of chart styles.

2. Setting method of chart style

2.1 Method I

Globally setting chart style in the Server side

In Server > Pre-defined Chart Style, globally set styles of all charts, especially color schemes. For details, see Pre-defined Chart Style.

2.2 Method II

Separately set chart styles in the chart attribute panel Select Chart in the designer to display the Chart Attribute Panel at the right top of the Design Panel. Select the Chart Attribute Table – Style for design of Title, Legend, Series, Tag, Coordinate Axis, Background, Datasheet and Analysis Lines.

Note: if chart color styles are separately customized for a template, then the pre-defined chart style will not be applied in the template.

Setting methods for chart styles in the Chart Attribute Table will be described in detail as follows.

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