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The Function of Range Chart and the Way of Making Range Chart


1. Function description

Similar to a ruler, as a good reporting tool, a range chart can display the position and numeric values of some certain values based on the graduation position. It is a chart type to visually display value difference at horizontal sight. It’s a quite useful tool for data analysis.

The range chart below, a business intelligence tool, displays the position of the sales amount of Jin Shipeng in all sales volumes. The section below shows how to make the chart.

2. Example

2.1 Prepare data
Create a new workbook and add dataset ds1 with SQL statement of SELECT * FROM [Total Sales Volume] to query the sales volumes of all staff.

In the cell, calculate the maximum, minimum and average sales volume and the sales volume of Jin Shipeng, as the chart data source, as shown below:

Set the data column as below:

2.2 Insert chart
Taking Float Chart as an example, click Insert > Float Element > Insert Chart to pop up the Chart Wizard. Select Range Plot and click Ok.

2.3 Set chart data
The chart data is from cell data. Set as follow, and click OK.

2.4 Save and preview
Save template and click Page-breaking Preview to see the effect as shown above.

For completed templates, see: %FR_HOME%\WebReport\WEB-INF\reportlets\doc\Advanced\Chart\RangeMap.cpt

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