In this era with the rapid development of information technology, enterprises are getting more demanding for information technology. At the same time, the number of enterprises with their information systems deployed is increasing.

Thus, the stability of enterprise information systems is of paramount importance. Frequent system downs or data loss will impact the productivity of employees, sometimes even resulting in greater losses to the company.

That is the reason why we are launching a “System Check” feature based on FineReport. It is a tool assisting system administrators to check on configurations, also proposing solutions for misaligned parameters to maximize server performance and minimize downtime.

Both manual and automatic checks are supported. With automatic checks, details of the system will be sent to administrators via SMS, platform message, or email, boosting the efficiency of running diagnostic.

Scenario 1

Once the server project is deployed, the first thing the system administrator needs to do is to configure the system. Such tasks will generally be painful for administrators. But still, at this point, it is particularly important to configure the project with the right parameters.

What if the instructions you find, or the help doc you have, are different from what you should do to the server?

So, here you can run a diagnosis on the platform through System Check and modify the settings accordingly.

  • Log in to the decision-making platform as an administrator, and go to Manage -> Intelligent Operations -> System Check. Here you can view all the issues and suggestions from system checks, as shown below:
Find System Check on the decision-making platform
  • Note that we have only allocated 8GB of physical memory here, so if our system is dealing with a high concurrency situation or displaying large screens continuously, then we’ll have to re-configure the system memory.
  • For Linux, here is an example of Centos6.5+Tomcat8+JDK1.8:

1. Look for “%Tomcat_Home%/bin/” and insert the following code:

JAVA_OPTS=”$JAVA_OPTS -Xms2048M -Xmx8192M”

As shown below:

Use Linux script to configure system memory

2. Restart Tomcat once the configuration is done

Scenario 2

If an unstable connection to the database and slow data loading is noticed when using the system, but there’s no error message, 

it is probably the time to see if any system configuration is incorrect with System Check.

As you can see below, System Check suggests migrating finedb into a more stable external database, so we can get the idea that there might be something wrong with the built-in database.

Since the built-in database of the designer is an HSQL database that doesn’t support multi-threaded access, thus a clustering environment or simply a large data volume might cause the HSQL database to be unstable. Here what we should do is to migrate finedb into an external database, as suggested.

It is recommended to use external database
  • First, log in to the decision-making platform as an administrator, and go to Manage -> System-> General -> External Database -> To be Configured.
How to configure external database
  • For MySQL, just enter the info needed and configure the external database. As shown below:
How to configure a MySQL database

Please refer to for configuring other external data sources.

Scenario 3

Although the system check feature is suitable for quickly checking the configuration and getting a suggestion, but still, administrators cannot manually check the status of systems all the time;

In this scenario, automatic checks and notifications will come in handy. With this feature, administrators can rest assured that the system is in good condition.

Once enabled, the system runs automatic checks at 1 AM every day and sends SMS, platform message, and email in case any issue arises.

  • Log in to the decision-making platform as an administrator, go to Manage -> Intelligent Operations -> System Check, and toggle on “System auto-check”.
Enable automatic check of system
  • Here you can configure emails by clicking on “Enable Email”.
How to configure email
  • Go back to System Check, check “Email Reminder”, and click Save. Now the system will run checks automatically at 2 AM every day and send reminders to IT operations if any issue is detected.

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