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How to Make Your Legend?

1. Description

We can click Chart Attribute Table – Style > Legend in the Chart Attribute Panel to configure legend styles as shown below:

2. Legend

2.1 Legend visible

We can customize to display legend, a part of reporting tool and business intelligence tool , or not as shown above, and the legend is visible in default.

2.2 Legend font

Font, pattern and size of tag texts in legend can be configured.

Note: if the minimum font set in Template Chart is smaller than that of browser, the minimum font set in browser should prevail. For example, if the minimum font size of chrome browser is 12 and the font size set in Chart is 10, then the chart font will be displayed in 12 instead of 10 when the report is viewed in chrome browser, and the font of browser should be changed as required.

3. Position

We can configure to display legend in which part of the chart, including up, down, left and right. In default, the legend displays on the right.

4. Border

Set legends, borderless in default, as Title Border.

5. Background

Set background and transparency of legend area as Title Background.

6.Save and Preview

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