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How to make a pie of pie chart or bar of pie chart?

1. Problem description

When several data points in the pie chart are smaller than 10% of the pie chart, it is difficult to distinguish the slices. To solve this problem, a secondary plot area is used to make a pie of pie chart or a bar of pie chart in FineReport Designer, as shown below.

Pie of Pie Chart

Bar of Pie Chart

2. Definition

In FineReport Designer, the pie of pie chart or the bar of pie chart separate small slices from the main pie chart and display them in a secondary plot area, which is called a secondary pie chart or a stacked bar chart. The percent values can be manually set.

3. Example

3.1 Open report

Open the report: %FR_HOME%\WebReport\WEB-INF\reportlets\doc\Advanced\Chart\3Darea.cpt

3.2 Set percent data template

The pie of pie chart and the bar of pie chart only split the series by percent value. Therefore, we should calculate the percent of the payable in each region and hide Column B. Type percent in C1, and type formula: =B2/SUM(B2[!0]) in C2, where B2[!0] is expanded from B2. As required, set the cell style.

3.3 Make pie of pie chart

The example below illustrates how to make a pie of pie chart to help with data analysis. Select Chart. Check Chart Attribute Table – Style > Secondary Plot Area in the Series. Change the percent value in the Secondary Plot Area to 10 (Default value: 5), indicating that the Secondary Plot Area contains all percent values smaller than this value, as shown below.

Note: in the Secondary Plot Area, you may select a pie to make a pie of pie chart, or a bar to make a bar of pie chart.

As required, you can set Series Tag Style. Check the tags in the Chart Attribute Table – Style > Series. Select a value and set the format. The percent is rounded to two decimal places.

3.4 Change chart data

Change Legend Item (Series) value to C2 to complete setting of the pie of pie chart.

3.5 Preview and save

Save template. Click Page-breaking Preview to see the effect. 

For completed templates, see:


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