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How to make a leader line of pie chart?

1. Problem description
When slices are intensive in a chart, Series values may be unclear or even overlapped if they are displayed in each slice in report designer. In this case, you can use leader lines to display Series values, as shown below:
2. Example
2.1 Open report
Open report:%FR_HOME%\WebReport\WEB-INF\reportlets\doc\Advanced\Chart\3Darea.cpt
2.2 Set leader lines
By business intelligence tool, select chart. Select Chart Attribute Table – Style > Series > Tag. Check Tag. Set Position to Outside and the Leader Line will automatically be checked, as shown below:
2.3 Preview and save
Save template by using reporting tool. Click Page-breaking Preview to see effect. 
For completed templates, see:%FR_HOME%\WebReport\WEB-INF\reportlets\doc\Advanced\Chart\3Darea_1.cpt.


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