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How to make a column chart with negative values?

1. Problem description
When data contains negative values, we need a corresponding part in the chart to plot the negative values. Though negative values are available in V6.5.5, it is impossible to definitely take Graduation 0 as the boundary. This version further optimizes this function and the effect is as follows:
2. Example
2.1 Prepare data
Create a new workbook in report designer and add a dataset with SQL statement of SELECT product name, sales volume, (ordering amount + re-ordering amount) as total ordering amount FROM [product] where category ID = 1 to query inventory and total ordering amount of drink products.
As shown below, create a report with the business intelligence tool to calculate inventory and total ordering amount of each product, and calculate the remaining inventory; if the difference is a negative value, supplementary is required; use such data as the chart data to create a statistic chart with the reporting tool, which intuitively show the products to be supplemented:
2.2 Design of column chart with negative values
In data analysis, common column charts support negative values. Taking Float Chart as an example, click Insert > Float Element > Insert Chart in the menu bar to pop up the Chart Wizard dialog. Select Column Chart and click OK. Set chart data source as follows:
2.3 Save and preview
Save template. Click Page-breaking Preview and the effect is as shown below. 


For completed templates, see:%FR_HOME%\WebReport\WEB-INF\reportlets\doc\Advanced\Chart\Negative.cpt.

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