In this article,you will grasp the design methods of typical row filling report, free filling report, multi-source filling report and multi-sheet filling report.All reports are made by FineReport reporting tool.

1. Description

Filling report is different from common report where the later is to display data and the former is to enter data. Here comes the question: is it necessary to design report template for filling report just like common report?

The answer is Yes, as in data entry of filling report, report design is required to define how and where to enter data.

2. Example

In industries like finance, service and medical treatment, there are data entry interfaces with free styles and various editing styles to collect and store information in database (as shown below). This kind of report is called free-format filling report.

Next, we will learn how to make a free filling report and its specific usage of filling process taking the “Employee Information Registration Table” as an example (as shown above).

2.1 Report design

Add data set

In the Data Set Panel, click Add button to add a Database Query The SQL statement is: SELECT * FROM employee.

Note: As shown from the effect graph, the report body is not bound to a field, Here, we create a new data set to set data dictionary for control and to bind data to be selected to the control while Aadding a Control.

Body design

Create a new template and design the report to the style below in the Report Body:

Note: To display data, you only need to Bind Data Column For detailed usage of data-bound filling report, refer to Row Filling Report.