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Datasheet and Analysis Lines

1. Description

If you want to check the data and chart at the same time, you can configure the Datasheet instead of dragging the data to the cell so as to have data analysis easily. In addition, as the data and the category axis correspond to each other one by one, it is convenient for the user to check data.

2. Datasheet

Select Chart. Click Chart Attribute Table – Style > Datasheet in the Chart Attribute Panel and check the Datasheet to display datasheet under the chart as shown below:

Note: after checking the datasheet, display effect of the chart will be the same as Datasheet Combination Chart and the chart can be deemed as the datasheet combination chart.

3. Trendline

The trendline, as a great reporting tool and business intelligence tool, can be defined to view data trends. See Trendline Statistic Chart for more details.

4. Warning line

We can add several warning lines to the chart for early warning in reference to the example of Warning Line.

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