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How Many Chart Types?

This chapter will introduce all chart types for reference of FineReport business intelligence.

1. Description

When you insert a chart in data visualization, you have to choose chart type at first. FineReport supports multiple chart types and each chart type contains various styles. This chapter will introduce all chart types for reference.

2. Chart Type

2.1 Column Chart

Column chart types in data visualization: column chart, stacked bar chart, percent stacked bar chart, threeD bar chart, horizontal threeD bar chart(horizontal), threeD stacked bar chart, threeD percent stacked bar chart.

2.2 Line Chart

2.3 Bar Chart

Bar chart types: bar chart, stacked column chart, stacked percent column chart, threeD column chart, threeD column chart(horizontal), threeD stacked column chart, threeD percent stacked column chart.

2.4 Pie Chart

Pie chart types: pie chart, 3D pie chart.

2.5 Area Chart

Area chart types: stack area chart, percentstackarea chart,3Dstackarea chart, 3Dpercentstackarea chart.

2.6 XY Scatter Chart

2.7 Bubble Chart

2.8 Radar Chart

2.9 Stock Chart

2.10 Dashboard

2.11 Range Chart

2.12 Comb Chart

2.13 Gantt Chart

2.14 Donut Chart

2.15 Map

2.16 Gis Map

2.17 Funnel chart

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