Chart is popular thing in our daily life.But how about the procedure of making a chart in data visualization. Today we’re going to learn about it.

1. Chart Making Procedure

Chart making procedure of FineReport reporting tool is shown as below:

make chart

We will take the below bar chart as an example to briefly introduce chart making procedure.

make chart

2. Example

2.1 Prepare Data

Definng data source before making a chart.

Add new workbook, add dataset, define sql statement as SELECT * FROM [Sales]

2.2 Insert Chart and Select Chart Type

There are two way of inserting a chart: cell element and float element. We take float chart here as an example.

Click toolbar Insert>Float Element>Insert Chart and Chart Type will pop up. Then select Column Chart as shown below:

make chart

2.3 Define Chart Data

After selecting chart type, click Ok. Return to main interface and select the float chart. Set chart properties on Chart Properties that lies on the upper right side of main interface and select Chart Properties-Data. Set column chart’s data as shown below:

make chart

Category: It’s chart’s horizontal axis, namely, X axis, meaning how charts are displayed according to category.

SeriesName: It’s chart’s vertical axis, namely, Y axis, meaning in what sequence the data in every category is displayed.

SeriesValue: It’s every series’ value.

Subtotal: It’s compute mode of series value.

2.4 Chart Style Setting

Title Setting

Select the chart and Chart Properties will appear on the upper right side of designer. Select Chart Properties-Style>Data Label and add title as Regional Product Sales as shown below:

make chart

Series Label Setting

Select Chart Properties-Style>Data Label and tickLabel. Then series value will be shown.

make chart

Attention: You can set other Style for the chart.

2.5 Save Template

Save and select page view and you can see the effect as above.