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Can You Clarify Chart Series Styles?

1. Description

As each column of column chart and each line of line chart indicate a series of elements, which are important parts of data analysis and data visualization, we can click Chart Attribute Table – Style > Series
in the Chart Toolbar to configure series styles as shown below:

Different types of charts have different series of attributes. In this section, we will take column chart, a good reporting tool and business intelligence tool, as an example to describe them.

As indicated in this section, column charts and bar charts have the same series of attributes;

Line charts, area charts and scatter charters have the same series of attributes;

Pie charts, bubble charts, radar charts, stock charts, dashboards, range charts, combination charts and maps have different series of attributes and Gantt charts has no series of attributes.

2. Color matching

In the Drop-down Box, select series color from all styles set in Pre-defined Chart Style
. Series color defaults to the default option in Pre-defined Chart Style and can also be customized.

2.1 Default

Apply default colors to series as shown below:

Default color matching scheme depends on the color matching style selected in Pre-defined Chart Style.

2.2 Custom

Color matching can be customized in 2 ways, including Precision Setting and Gradient Color.

Precision Setting

Select Custom > Precision Setting for color matching as shown below:

Note: total 32 kinds of color are available in Precision Setting, each of which is precisely selected by the user. Click small blocks of color in the interface, “Select Color” dialog will pop up, in which you can select color as required. All colors displayed in the chart are also horizontally obtained from such 32 kinds of colors in turn. If number of series is more than 32, then these colors will be recycled. In Precision Setting, all color charts are modified in the color chart of default color matching.
Select Custom > Gradient Color for color matching as shown below:

Note: if only 2 series are available, then these series indicate start color and end color respectively. If 3 or more series are available, the customized color will gradually change from start color to end color.

3. Gradient Style

Total 6 kinds of styles are available, including normal, flat 3D, gradient highlight, up and down gradient, transparent and default.

Note: default style refers to the style set in Pre-defined Chart Style.

4. Series Interval

Column charts and bar charts support settings of Class Interval and Series Interval, of which Series Interval defaults to -25 and Class Interval defaults to 100%. For example, we can set the Series Interval as – 50% and Class Interval as 103 as shown below:

Note: Series Interval and Class Interval only apply to column charts and bar charts.

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