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How does FineReport become No.1 reporting software in China?

Recently, the internationally renowned consulting company IDC released<2017 BI Market Tracking Report>,Fanruan’s won the first in China’s BI market share with 13.76% advantage !

It had gone beyond the major international mainstream BI manufactures,which became the only one to enter TOP10 domestic manufacturers at the same time.

And the proportion exceeded  the sum of all other BI manufacturers in China.

From a team with only three founders to the size of the staff of nearly 800 people today;

From rags-to-riches to more than 7,000 cooperative customers today;
From the account of only 2900 left  to 278 million sales by the end of 2017.

Along the way,no financing and no blind expansion,Fanruan chooses every step  of the way,  unpretentiously and deliberately.

It’s such a Fanruan that  won the recognition of customers and the market.Its report products, FineReport, whose market rate is the first in the industry.

Fanruan became the leading brand in China,which was selected as the only domestic manufacturer in Gartner <Corporate Reporting Platform Global Market Guide>.

It was selected for Forbes Non-listed company potential company list  with high growth.And Fanruan won the first in China’s BI market share,which was selected as one of the  ‘Top 50 Chinese Big Data Enterprises’.

Let us have a picture to understand the “wonderful moment” of  the road of Fanruan’s  growth behind the “first market share”.




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