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Detail Steps of Amount Line.

As we all know, amount line is widely spreaded. Let’s have a look at how to set amount line in our Finereport BI.

1. Problem description
For banking industry, amount lines are used to view amounts in figure. For example: there is a bank draft, as shown below:

In report, how to realize amount line? Setting method of amount line will be described below.

2. Setting method
Drag a data column to corresponding cell in report designer. Right click the cell.Select Form > Amount Line to pop up Set Amount Line dialog, as shown below:

As shown above, you can input some data and preview the effect.
Note: Based on requirements, you can adjust the integer and decimal parts and set their number of lines respectively

As shown above, if there is a data column, the preview effect is as follows:

Note: the parts after red line mean decimals and the integers are displayed every three digits with a green line.

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