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Make data productive—an easy way from data extraction to data visualization

Make data productive—an easy way from data extraction to data visualization

Utilizing big dynamic data, make it productive, has become a pivotal factor in the success of a business. The digital world we live in is continuously creating an ever-increasing stream of dynamic data. Apart from internal data management, capturing public data online, visualizing data play an important role as well. This article is going to explain: –Why is capturing dynamic data so important? –How dynamic data promotes business growth effectively? –How can we access to dynamic data easily? –Last but not least, how can we make dynamic data productive?
Make data productive
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Why is capturing dynamic data so important?

Generally speaking, you can see better and act faster by consistently monitoring dynamic data streams. To put it more specifically, getting dynamic data can help:

Make data-driven decision faster 

Capturing dynamic data equips you with real-time information about new trendings in the market and your competitors. With all the updated information handy, you can significantly reduce the time lag between cause and effect. In other word, you can gain data-based insights and make data-driven decisions faster and easier.

Build a more powerful database

To improve the quality of the data analytics and the validity of decisions, companies need to build a comprehensive and high-volume database by extracting dynamic data continuously. Data is a time-sensitive asset. The older the information is, the more difficult it is to collect it. As the number of information doubles every year in size and speed, it becomes unprecedently crucial to keep track of changing data for further analysis.

How dynamic data promotes business growth effectively?

Product monitoring

Product information, like pricing, description, customer reviews, image, are all available on online marketplaces and updated from time to time. For example, pre-release market research can be conducted easily by retrieving product information on Amazon or scraping pricing from eBay. Extracting dynamic information also allows you to evaluate the competitive position of products and develop strategies for pricing and stocking effectively. It can be a reliable and effective method for monitoring competitor actions in the market.

Customer experience management

Companies are becoming more attentive to customer experience management than ever before. For instance, extracting all reviews of a product on Amazon can help decipher how customers are feeling about the product by analyzing the positive and negative feedback. This is helpful in understanding customers’ needs, as well as getting to know about a customer’s satisfaction level in real-time.

Marketing strategies

Dynamic data analytics let you know which strategy worked best in the past, is the current marketing strategy working well, and what improvements can be done. Extracting dynamic data enables you to evaluate the success of a marketing strategy in real-time, and make precise adjustment accordingly .

How can we get access to dynamic data easily?

To collect dynamic data timely and continuously, traditional manual copy & paste is no longer practical. An easy-to-use web scraping tool might be the optimal solution in this case with the following advantages:

Coding free

With a web scraping tool, like Octoparse you don’t need to have prior programming knowledge. Scraping dynamic data from the web is easy to achieve for everyone and all businesses. Besides, a new function of Octoparse, called Task Template enables everyone to capture data within clicks.
Data extraction
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Works for all kinds of websites

Different websites have different structures, so even an experienced programmer needs to study the structure of a website first before writing the scripts. But a powerful web scraping tool can be used to extract from different websites fast and easy, saving you tons of time from studying the different websites.

Scheduled extractions

This requires the web scraping tool to support cloud operation, instead of running on a local machine only. This way, the scraper can run to extract data according to your preferred schedule automatically. Highly recommend Octoparse cloud extraction, which supports scraping web data at any time and any frequency based on your need.
Data extraction
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How can we make dynamic data productive?

Thanks to Octoparse, we now can get dynamic data quickly and efficiently. To the final success, What we need now?

Integrating your data fastly

When it comes to a situation that most of your data scattered in different databases, A software that can support all forms of databases, combine data from multiple data sources and extracted data to have a comprehensive analysis, would be a blessing to us.

Visualizing your data via reports or dashboards

The importance of data visualization is that it helps people understand data faster. Graphs and charts can transform the invisible information into the visible graph symbol, express it directly and clearly, help you discover critical points quickly. Recently I captured data with the help of Octoparse and made dashboards with another fascinating reporting tool FineReport. You can explore more in this blog A step-by-step guide to making sales dashboard.
Data visualization
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Update your dynamic data anywhere, anytime

Remember the data is dynamic? Well, our dashboards or reports should be dynamic as well, even better, if we can check them wherever we are. Moreover, what if we have another source of data, and we need to update it to the dashboards or reports we already built, a software that can perform a smart data entry would be the best choice. Well, you must ask me now which software I chose to be my “Sportscar,” on the way from data extraction to data visualization. I have done much research, kind of a pro now, remember I have mentioned a tool in the last paragraph, trust me, FineReport can serve you well, get free activation and download right away, you will get your own “Sportscar”!

Final thoughts

Nowadays, data is one of the essential factors to boost businesses, helping with self-auditing business with internal data and tracing industrial trends with capturing external information. Being assisted by the data-capturing tool, Octoparse and a data visualization tool, FineReport, you would have a clear panorama upon your business and even the whole industry. Enjoy boosting your business with DATA today!

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