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How Beginners Make a Cool Dashboard?

Ultimate Demand of Dashboard

When it comes to dashboard, there are often two requirements in our minds: dynamic and intuitive, and integrity monitor. The basic appeals of many companies in developing dashboard projects are these two parts: Internally, it is necessary to monitor the operation of the company and master the key data in real time; Externally, we must show the company’s operation status to customers, thus maintaining customer relationships and enhancing trust; Therefore, the dashboard not only requires to be visually beautiful and dazzling, but also needs the scientific and technological sense that fits the data, convenient to view data, and highlights key data. In a word, the boss’s needs are simple and clear: “I want a dashboard, it should have a sense of technology, high practicality and real-time.” Facing these two requirements, we give the results made by FineReport 10.0: Like this
Or like this
How are you feeling cool? You must be wondering how to make such a dashboard. Let me share my experience for you.

Dashboard Production Experience Sharing

First of all, let me introduce the tool we use to make dashboard – FineReport10.0, which has built-in a variety of the latest visual dashboard charts. The default is dark background + fluorescent color matching. Also, considering different chart types and data requirements, FineReport provides ‘carousel’ or ‘refresh’ animation to meet the business needs of different scenarios.
At the same time, the most powerful point about FineReport10.0 is that it is based on WebGL and other technologies, which can continuously optimize and adjust the animation, making the animation effect more flexible.

Flexible use of image decoration

Overview: Get the chart out of the common column effect and enrich the effect of dashboard with your own images. Step: Chart -> Series -> Style, fill the already designed image as a feature into the chart.

Background modification

Overview: Flexible use of absolute layout, through the report superimposed to beautify the chart effect.

Scatter plots, bubble charts can also make a different feeling

Overview: Flexible use of chart combinations. For charts with a known number of classifications, each category can be designed as a single chart, with flexible settings for color, background, and cue points.

“Innovation” of the chart

Overview: Expand the chart style with the designer’s picture as the background to achieve 3D column chart, 3D ring chart and other effects. Step: The designer designs a custom picture, and the picture is a chart with certain special effects, then remove the data. Through the above-mentioned report block overlay, the image is used as the underlying background, and the upper layer is superimposed on the data to realize the self-made chart effect.

Custom map

Overview: Use the custom picture as the map background, re-draw the json file to achieve the 3D tilt effect of the map. Step: Designers design custom maps, output map images The designer clicks on the server->map data, enters the map editing page, builds a custom map, and puts the compressed image into it. Describe the map, according to the actual business situation (can be described by province or by region) Save the json file and restart the designer to select a custom map in the map layer.

Final Effect

Marketing analysis We can see from this dashboard that the different index of daily takeout service statistics of direct-sale stores.
Sales analysis We can see the monthly and yearly target completion rate clearly from the combination of line chart and column chart.
There are many similar dashboard that you can find in demo.


Nowadays, many enterprises are not satisfied with traditional reports, but want to understand business needs through more intuitive dynamic data. For this demand, dashboard is the best solution. Through the above dashboard made by FineReport 10.0, the visual effect is intuitive, covering the whole life cycle from requirements analysis, project design, project landing to project operation and maintenance. If you are interested, welcome to download the trial. Follow FineReport Reporting Software on Facebook to know more about making dashboard!

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