Due to the limitations of time and space, it is unrealistic for the management to visit amounts of enterprises’ workshops to grasp their dynamic production in real time. Under this situation, production dashboard seems vital for companies to command their manufacturing operations.

What is a production dashboard?

Production dashboard, also known as manufacturing dashboard, belongs to KPI dashboards but more targets on manufacturing indicators. Production dashboard helps companies track and optimize production quality by monitoring important production KPIs in a central access point, and effectively manage related manufacturing costs. In the manufacturing industry, small changes in data can bring indelible disasters to the company, so we need to monitor and manage these data in real time and automatically. Not only to reduce the risk of enterprises, but also to fully understand and take advantage of the data, conduct online analysis of the data, therefore generate actionable insights.

a picture showing the workshop application of FineReport
Workshop Application of FineReport

Production dashboard software

Manufacturing is an important part of an enterprise’s operation, so an excellent business intelligence tool for production dashboards can be a good helper for an enterprise. There are also various excellent production dashboard software on the market. However, if you are looking for a cost-effective product, I would recommend FineReport to you.

an interface of mobile terminal of FineReport
Mobile terminal of FineReport

FineReport provides professional and comprehensive dashboard products and services. You can view the corresponding production dashboards according to your company’s manufacturing needs. The interactive control design can help you easily view the real-time dynamics of manufacturing through data visualization. In addition, FineReport also provides customers with an autonomy of price selection. If you don’t demand product concurrency to be more than 2, you can use the free version of FineReport to help your business. You are welcome to trail the free version to experience it.

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 If you have requirements for concurrency or seek customized services, you can choose the commercial version of FineReport. If you are hesitant, you can click “Pricing” to learn more about the prices and services of the FineReport commercial version.

Value propositions of FineReports production dashboard

As a useful assistant to your company, FineReport is aiming to provide values to you:make data be productivity and optimize your production.

Dashboard is a centralized and integrated embodiment of various key data. Through the monitoring and tracking of various data, the company can adjust the abnormal problems in time, or summarize the experience of helping the company to operate well, helping improve the quality and efficiency of the company’s production, and therefore convert data into productivity.

Production dashboard template of FineReport

Project control dashboard

an interface of project command room dashboard of FineReport
Project Command Room Dashboard (by FineReport

Project control dashboard is a high-level overview that keeps the entire manufacturing team consistent. In this dashboard, we can see the important information needed to understand the production of the project.

The information on the dashboard can help you:

  • Confirm time and task requirements for reasonable arrangement of the manufacturing schedule.
  • Check resource usage, including manufacturing resources and human resources, so as to rationally allocate manufacturing resources.
  • Carry out quality analysis to determine whether the manufacturing plan needs to be optimized.

Manufacturing command room dashboard

an interface of manufacturing command room dashboard of FineReport
Manufacturing Command Room Dashboard (by FineReport)

Manufacturing command room dashboard helps measure production ability. It’s important to know whether or not you’re meeting your production goals in real time.  Manufacturing command room dashboard could also play its role in this aspect.

The information on the dashboard can help you:

  • Check the progress of various manufacturing links.
  • Compare and analyze the output and sales of production and manufacturing in each time period.
  • View and compare the production and manufacturing capabilities of each workshop.

You are welcome to make an appointment to contact FineReport for more production or manufacturing-related dashboards.

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Production dashboard best practice

As one of China’s top 10 lighting appliances industry, Kaiyao Lighting Limited Liability Company’s main business has spread all over the world, and has established strategic partnerships with well-known companies such as Amazon.

a picture showing the workshop application of FineReport
Workshop application of FineReport

By using FineReport in the workshop, the company has achieved real-time control of the workshop’s production and manufacturing. As shown in the picturing, manufacturing workers can check production progress and remaining tasks by viewing the production dashboard; workshop managers can grasp the overall situation of the workshop and pay attention to the manufacturing status of it. Company managers can learn about manufacturing trends through the data and dashboards uploaded by the workshop on the mobile terminal.

“With the help of FineReport, our company put forward the goal of building a unified data, unified platform, and unified operation information platform; and started the transformation of data integration of the entire value chain of the enterprise, gradually transforming from the original rough management to digital drive one.”

 ——Vice President and CIO of Kaiyao Lighting Group



Production dashboard belongs to KPI dashboards with manufacturing indicators.

  • Production dashboard helps companies track and optimize production quality.
  • Production dashboard assists you generate actionable insights.

FineReport will have a dramatic impact on the production performance of your business.

  • FineReport provides value propositions as: make data be productivity and optimize your production.
  • Project control dashboard and manufacturing command room dashboard are two representative production dashboard templates of FineReport.
  • Kaiyao Lighting Limited Liability Company’s using FineReport is one of the best practices of production dashboard.

Stop hesitating to use FineReport!

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