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FineReport: the Best Solution to the Problems Facing Red Star Real Estate

1. Company Introduction

Red Star Real Estate is a holding subsidiary of Red Star Macalline Investment Co., Ltd. Red Star Real Estate came into being relying on the rapid development of the real estate market, and it is an important part of Red Star investment strategy. The core business of Red Star Real Estate is to develop complex urban projects in prime locations of major cities and to develop hotel business in economically developed areas. The company has a strong commercial real estate construction team and the hotel management team, and formed a complete commercial real estate industry chain.

2. Project Background

2.1 Non-uniform business rules
At present, Red Star Real Estate company has gradually used the ERP system, HR management system, OA system, financial management system, budget management system and the Group on-line procurement bidding system and other business systems. But the corresponding data in each system is not uniform, and each system has different understandings of the project. Information Management Center hopes to resolve the problem that the main data definition is not clear and the standard is inconsistent in various systems. Unify all business rules of different business systems in order to correlate data and maintain the specification.
2.2 No standardized master data management
Each business system is independent of each other. When the group company wants to extract information from each business database for data statistics and data analysis, there will be non-corresponding problems between projects. The composite analysis becomes very difficult for company information department.
2.3 No unified master data management platform
At present, the company does not have a master data management platform to unify the rules of business between various business systems, and there is no special operation and maintenance personnel to maintain the uniformity of the rules. IT departments do not have a unified management portal for all business projects. Therefore, the establishment of a company-level master data management platform is urgent.

3. Solution

As a good business intelligence tool, FineReport reporting tool provides a set of BI system construction ideas and solutions based on the current problems of Red Star Real Estate. It includes standardizing the management process, ensuring data accuracy, reducing communication costs and supporting the company’s decision-making.
First of all, set standards of business indicators. Unify existing indicators as well as determine a clear standard for definitions of future indicators.
Second, establish a master data management platform for unique and simple management.
Finally, specify a clear management practices to protect master data management and data analysis.

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