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FineReport Supplys Yizheng Rural Commercial Bank with Comprehensive Data analysis

1. Customer Introduction

Yizheng Rural Commercial Bank currently has a total of 32 outlets and has become the largest local financial institution with the most employees and outlets.

2. Cooperation Background

Yizheng Rural Commercial Bank needs comprehensive and accurate data analysis and data visualization support provided by the IT department in the planning of future development.
In this process, the bank’s IT department is facing the following five issues:

1. The data base is weak. The data between various systems are independent of each other.
2. Data analysis and reporting needs from business departments are constantly changing.
3. The need for data analysis and reporting greatly increases the workload and work pressure for IT staff.
4. Cannot provide timely and accurate data to the leadership for decision-making.
5. The existing customer info, products and business data can not be effectively analyzed and displayed.

According to the above problems and the current three-tier management model (head office, branch, outlet ), the bank leaders put forward the following five requirements to achieve effective usage of bank data and assist decision-making of all levels of departments.

Five Requirements:

1. Data that bank managers need to see every day.
Through research and industry visits, bank managers identified three categories of data they needed to focus on daily
(1)Main economic indicators of the bank. Including deposits, loans, discounts, cash, reserves, the proportion of institutions and the completion of outlet tasks;
(2) Completion of the objectives of each outlet and employee. Timely and accurate data for timely business guidance and improvement.
(3) All kinds of outlet performance through FTP cost accounting.

2. Data query needs of various levels of departments.
According to the internal and external needs of the bank, the data query is divided into three levels:
The internal query needs from institutions who have authority, such as account opening, transaction list, intermediate business, temporary data needs, etc.
Marketing data query, such as customer deposit and loan information, business information, etc.

3. Fine management of information. It consists of four aspects:
(1) Electronic registration and full process management of important contracts, cases, equipment.
(2) Track and manage of large customers individually.
(3) Modeling management of products pricing.
(4) Fine management of customer manager.

4. Mobile Marketing. There are three steps:
First, when the customer manager is in the promoting of the loan business, he can use mobile devices in a timely manner to query the customer’s deposit and loan situation and the banking business situation.
The second step, improve the CRM system in the permissions management. The staff can timely adjust the management and maintenance permissions to ensure real-time and safe marketing work.
The third step, when the staff is at the service site, he can real-time access to customer’s personal information, and verify the information to protect the accuracy of customer information.

5. Strengthen the human resources management, especially the staff performance assessment.
In the past, the bank has been based on data of the year to assess staff performance, which can not be a comprehensive assessment of the work of staff. In response to this problem, the bank managers decide to collate and analyze the assessment data over the past three years, and they are the basis for assessment. This will be a comprehensive and intuitive assessment to reflect the work performance of employees in recent years, including the organization of funds, loans, intermediate business, non-performing loan rate, customer bonding, titles, education and so on.

3. Solutions

First, the underlying data: IT department of Yizheng Rural Commercial Bank uses the Kettle to extract data from the provincial bank issued data, citizen cards and other system databases to build a middle-tier database.

Second, the front-end presentation: Use FineReport reporting tool, a powerful dashboard software for data analysis and display, including dashboards, common reports, decision-making reports, management reports and assessment reports.

Third, data quality: In the past, a large number of bank data are stored in the Excel file, with the help of Excel’ s self-help analysis for data analysis. This approach leads to waste of time, inefficiency, data loss, and the inability of effective decision-making supporting. With the data entry function of FineReport reporting tool, Yizheng Rural Commercial Bank built an interface to entry all the file data to the database.

Fourth, management support: Previously, the flow of contracts, cases, bills as well as customer information can only through Excel files and e-mail. Using FineReport’ s process management function, the bank’s IT department quickly developed a process page that met management needs, improved office productivity, and reduced duplication and inefficiency.

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