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FineReport Provides Hangzhou Bank with Better Data Analysis and Decision Support

1. Company Introduction

Hangzhou Bank is a joint-stock bank with good asset quality, excellent operating performance and strong comprehensive strength. In 2012, Hangzhou Bank was ranked 339th in Banker magazine’s “Global Bank 1000” according to Tier 1 capital.

2. Cooperation Background

With the continuous development of Hangzhou Bank, there are more and more data analysis needs from business sectors and the process of  enterprise informatization is also facing more problems and challenges. The demand for data in various departments of the bank is very urgent, but the existing data is difficult to use and the data value is difficult to reflect. The reason for this situation is that, first, business systems are independent, the second is inconsistent statistics rules, the third is the data can not be shared and exchanged. Hangzhou Bank wasted a lot of resources in order to solve these problems, but did not get satisfactory results. In this case, Hangzhou Bank needs to establish an integrated management platform to improve operation and decision-making efficiency.

3. Solutions

Hangzhou Bank uses the integrated management platform built by FineReport reporting tool,an importantbusiness intelligence tool to process and integrate the data, and set up different data analysis modules, including deposit, retail, electronic banking, statistical submission, products and loans according to the reports the bank needs. The reports in these analysis modules can be viewed on both the PC and the mobile terminals.

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