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FineReport: A Good Helper of Zhongnan Real Estate

1. Company Introduction

Zhongnan Real Estate Co., Ltd. is the controlling shareholder of Zhongnan Construction Group Co., Ltd. (stock code: 000961). It is invested by Zhongnan Construction Group in June 1999. It specializes in real estate development, sales and property management. After nearly 20 years of development, its business has expanded to dozens of cities and became a well-known real estate brand.

2. Project Background

With the advancement of informatization and the understanding of the data value, Zhongnan real estate company are faced with a lot of data processing, data analysis and data visualization problems, and it is urgent to build an efficient data analysis system to support the company’s business decision-making.
Data needs to be collected level by level, resulting in duplication of work, numerous reports, and a significant reduction in efficiency.
There are multiple business systems in the enterprise, and the business rules are not uniform. It greatly reduces the data uniqueness, authenticity and accuracy.
Data is scattered across different systems and files leading low efficiency of merging, collecting, and querying data and reports.
There is no comprehensive and easy-to-use reporting system to support the company’s operations and many business conditions cannot be effectively displayed in real time.

3. Solution

Zhongnan real estate company uses FineReport reporting tool, a good report designer and business intelligence tool, to establish a set of data networks and business reporting system according to their own needs. Data are efficiently, fast and accurately collected, processed and displayed in the system.
Increase efficiency. Process the existing reports and add them into the reporting system, reducing the manual data collection and data processing work. Automatic generation of reports greatly improves the work efficiency.
Data management standardization. Process existing data, standardize data entry and unify indicator rules to ensure data management standardization.
Real-time queries. To meet the needs of business management, all levels and lines of business can easily query real-time data and get real-time reports.
Support decision-making. Build business operation and performance management system. Display the timely enterprise operation results and completion of various indicators through data and reports to support managers making decisions.

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