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The fast and accurate delivery of messages is something all businesses should be serious about. This is a way to shorten the communication chain and improve overall in-house work efficiency. Especially when business data is constantly updated, it forces companies to transmit real-time data and information more efficiently, so quick decisions can be made.

“Mobile Data Analysis” has become an important weapon for enterprises. Both front-line personnel and managers can pull out their smartphones at any time to check the business status, so it can be said that real-time push of messages to mobile devices will help implement rapid transmission of information, and enable the management to understand the business status, enterprise operation status and important warnings through mobile devices in a timely manner, adding more value with data information.

So, what can FineReport do?

Push ContentPush ChannelPush Method
Images and textsAPPTime-triggered push
ReportWeChatEvent-triggered push

Scenario 1: How to Push Daily/Weekly/Monthly Report to the Right Person for Production Progress Check?

Set up scheduled tasks and send daily reports to the APP for notification.

Set recipient of the push
Set content of the push

Scenario 2: How to Ensure Data Security When Pushing Payroll Data?

The payroll data is actually personal privacy information. It is required that the viewer can only check his/her own payroll data.

There are 2 steps for it:

First, set up a data filter in the payroll report and only display value fields with the same “username” and “logged in system username”. You can use “fr_username” to acquire the system username logged in to the current session.

Filter salary data by employee id
The user info data are stored in a server dataset
The user info are also available on the platform

Second, schedule a task.

Important note! Don’t forget to generate separate results for each user!

Add the parameter into the message body to display salaries specifically for the current user.

Let each recipient receives individual result
Set the content of the individual result

Scenario 3: How to Notify Device Manager of the Result Once Maintenance is Done

Use the Template Message in Callback Function for successful data entry event.

Set template message
Set message content

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