In today’s era of informatization and digitalization, data analysis has become an indispensable skill and tool across various industries. It can help us better understand the market, customers, competition, risks, opportunities, and innovation.

However, with the gradual development of enterprise informatization, the increasing number of data applications, and the growing complexity of reports and metrics, users in enterprises are facing new challenges:

For managers: I just wanted to review some business data, but I’ve flipped through 6 or 7 reports and still haven’t found it. The efficiency of utilizing data is too low!

For business personnel: The content of the reports doesn’t align with our analysis perspective. When will the IT department understand our needs?

For IT departments: Reports are now online! When will we stop having to individually notify everyone?

The issues mentioned above—difficulty in locating report data, demand for personalized portal, and difficulty in reaching announcements—can be totally solved at once by applying the function of data portal.

In this article, let’s delve into the details of the function of data portal.

Introduction to its features

Currently, the data portal is compatible with two major products, FineReport and FineBI, catering to the diverse terminal usage needs of both PC and mobile platforms.

1. PC Data Portal

1.1 Quickly Locate and Display the Data that Users are Most Concerned About

Most enterprises set the data portal as the homepage of the decision-making platform where users can quickly find their favorite, recent accessed, and frequently accessed reports and data indicators. The clear overview offers robust support for rapid decision-making and significantly enhances data application efficiency.

1.2 Allow Users to Customize Portals

The company encompasses a diverse range of departments and roles, each with its unique analytical perspective. Moreover, the analytical needs of the business department are often subject to dynamic changes. With the feature of “Custome Portal” in the data portal, users can add personally favorite data indicators, adjust the portal layout, truly achieving personalized customization to meet the unique demands of diverse users.

1.3 Deliver Real-time Updates on New Reports with Dynamic Announcement

The data portal offers features such as Bulletin Board and Report Dynamics, enabling users to efficiently access information about new report releases and offline, changes and other events. This helps reduce communication costs between report managers and users.

1.4 Simple Drag-and-drop for Low-cost and Efficient Development

Effective development is another key advantage of the data portal. Developing a portal through coding is complex and time consuming, making it difficult to quickly establish a data portal. However, this data portal offers a rich array of built-in components and supports the direct drag-and-drop of both portal components and pre-developed report components, enabling users to set up an entirely new portal in just a few minutes.

2. Mobile Data Portal

The newly released mobile data portal includes not only the highlighted features mentioned above, but also some additional exciting features. Let’s unveil them together!

2.1 Rich Components and Quick Navigation through Directory Search

Fully compatible with the PC data portal, the mobile data portal supports functions such as Banner, Bulletin Board, Quick Entry, Data Dashboards, and Reports Dynamics to meet the requirements of standard portal scenarios.

Application Scenarios

1. Manufacturing Industry

Scenario Description: In the manufacturing industry, marketing tasks are demanding, characterized by rapidly changing target plans and task progress. Marketing personnel need to quickly preview KPI-related core indicators on an intuitive homepage. Due to the large quantity of reports with diverse hierarchies, the sales team encounters a  considerable challenge when searching for specific data, consuming valuable time. Therefore, there is a demand for quick entry to reports.

2. Retail Industry

Scenario Description: In response to multidimensional and wide-ranging analytical requirements, data analysis perspectives differ among various personnel, business aspects, and scenarios. The data portal provides business personnel with the feature to customize personal portals, enabling users to build portals based on the analytical needs of their own business perspectives. This significantly enhances personalized business capabilities.

3. Banking Industry

Scenario Description: In the banking industry, there are numerous key performance indicators (KPIs) with a high frequency of fluctuations. For roles like bank president and branch managers, who hold the maximum decision-making authority in the daily operations of a bank, comprehensive insights into various aspects of the bank’s development are crucial. As professional managers, they need to understand the overall situation to support decision-making.

However, with a multitude of indicators, the challenge lies in the disorderliness, making it difficult to find specific information, leading to high operational costs. There is a need for a portal with high information density, allowing for the concise retrieval of effective information. Bank dashboards require strong timeliness, and business departments need to promptly receive information on changes in reports and all announcements to efficiently monitor business progress.

4. Pharmaceutical Industry

Scenario Description: Marketing teams in the pharmaceutical industry operate in a complex organizational hierarchy with diverse roles, each having distinct permission scopes and focal points. At various levels, roles, and within different scenarios, there exist significant variations in the perspectives regarding the focus on data. Therefore, various roles within the pharmaceutical marketing organization require a feature of personalized data portal. FanRuan suggests crafting it as the primary navigation homepage for a SFE multi-role dashboard, aiding pharmaceutical enterprises in accelerating insights for marketing efficiency.

The above content provides an overview of the core capabilities and practical applications of the data portal. Positioned at the top level of FanRuan’s overall architecture of product functions, the data portal serves as the unified entry for users to access data, bridging the last mile in data application.

This function has been officially released and can be compatible with both FineBI 6.0 and FineReport 11.0. Feel free to explore it now!

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