Data dashboard visualization plays a key role in business, whether about analysis or decision. It empowers every user to understand complex data in a visual way. Now, let’s explore the dashboard visualization!

1.What is Dashboard Visualization?

A visualization dashboard refers to an interactive dashboard that allows the user to track key metrics via different marketing channels, visualize some data points, and create reliable reports for certain purposes.

To enterprises, creating reports for your clients play a necessary role in building a solid, favorable and benign working relationship between two sides. Undoubtedly, a reliable data dashboard tool with interactive visualizations renders your clients ready to see how their programs or plans are performing.

data visualization dashboard examples
Dashboard Visualization (by FineReport)

2.Benefits of data visualization dashboard software

2.1 Better analysis- Render data easier to appreciate

The good news is that the data visualization dashboard software is not designed only for a data expert. Instead, any average user can command a fine view of some critical data points without being immersed in documents at the sight of data visualization dashboards. In that cases, the ‘automatic’ business analysis renders individuals able to focus on the areas that entail attention in order to increase profits and make the business operate more productively.

2.2 An omnipotent ‘God’ — Increase accessibility

In the office or out in the field? Do not worry.

Cloud-based dashboard tools could update in real-time and are accessible from any browser. Just a link to their dashboards! Then sharing becomes available. In addition, as the human brain grasps visuals more easily than reports, collaboration seems to be speedy.

2.3 Exploring business insights

In this innovation-oriented business environment, exploring data correlations through visual representations acts as the driving force in generating novel business insights. To a large extent, it sets the right path for business users to achieve the original goals.

2.4 Grasping the Latest Trends

To each executive, discovering the latest trends in businesses may leave room for upgrading quality products and identifying lurking problems in advance. With data visualization, the user, like a witcher having foreknowledge, can stay on top of trends all the time.

3.Features of a useful Dashboard Visualization Tool–Finereport

3.1 Impressive self-developed HTML5 charts

  • HTML5 charts: cross-platform, adaptive to web design, and support instant update
  • Self-developed charts: avert the inconvenience brought by third-party plug-ins.
  • Support a number of chart categories: You can easily create basic charts such as pie charts, bar charts, column chart, as well as advanced charts such as scatter, bubble, funnel, radar, and Gantt charts.
dashboard data visualization
Visualization Charts (by FineReport)

3.2 Interactive data visualization: dynamic interactive effects, powerful visual experience

Through parameter or data filtering, FineRport realizes interactive analysis. Users, according to their own requirements, can choose to customize the configuration and add trendlines and warning lines, etc.

data visualization dashboard
Dashboard Visualization (by FineReport)

3.3 Stunning 3D map and other 3D visualization effects

FineReport, utilizing WebGL and other technologies, offers dashboard users plenty of cool charts with advanced effects. It is worth noting that it also supports 3D cylindrical earth, 3D point earth, 3D flow on earth, KPI card and so on.

real time data visualization
3D Visualization Effects (by FineReport)

3.4 Data map: rich geographic information-based data display

Apart from the features above, data maps by FineReport have many forms of expression, such as heat map, flow map and custom map. Besides, FineReport supports the integration with Google map and other GIS maps. It also has functions of map zooming, locating, marking, etc.

data visualization dashboard examples
Map Visualization (by FineReport)
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4.Other Data Visualization Dashboard Software

4.1 FineBI

FineReport mentioned above is suitable for IT staffs or anyone with basic SQL skills to use while FineBI is designed for everyone who has the need of data visualization and data analysis! 

FineBI is a modern big data analytics & BI software designed for everyone who has need of data analysis. Using Finebi does not require writing any code or having knowledge of database foundation like SQL skills. Everyone of any level can use FineBI to easily establish professional BI dashboards, perform self-service data analysis, gain useful insights and thus drive your business forward.

Through simple operations like drag-and-drop, you can create professional dashboards without difficulty!

Business Overview Dashboard Template (by FineBI)

FineBI provides interfaces for commonly used features, making it easier for custom development. And, clients are enabled to reuse customized features via the plugin market.

Other prominent features of this software include,

  • Open APIs for customization
  • OLAP Analysis
  • Spider Big Data Engine
  • Scheduled Task
  • Relation Model
  • Self Dataset
  • Chart/Table/Filter component
  • Mobile BI
  • User Management 

FineBI is free without time or feature limits for personal use. For enterprises, it offers a quote-based plan that charges according to different situations. In a word, FineBI is price-friendly to all customers.

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4.2 Microsoft Power BI 

As Microsoft introduces, ‘Power BI transforms your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you.’ Now here are some details about its amazing functions.

  • self-service analytics at enterprise scale
  • strong results and meaningful insights
  • reliable data protection

4.3 Tableau

Tableau Software is a world-renowned interactive data visualization software company focused on business intelligence, headquartered in Seattle, Washington. Aiming to become the world’s leading analytics platform, Tableau is always devoted to helping users see and understand data. Tableau insists that more attention should be paid to

asking questions, not learning software. That’s one important reason why people enjoy using Tableau.

4.4 Datawrapper

Different from the two examples about BI and Reporting mentioned above, Datawrapper centers around enriching your business stories with charts, maps, and tables. The good news, to users, is that Datawrapper requires no coding and design skills.


Although each dashboard visualization tool has its advantages and disadvantages, there is no denying that dashboard visualization may be your reliable assistant in business. Why Not Give it a shot?

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