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Why do movies increasingly love data science and AI?

In the world of movies, the latest technology about data science can always be useful. From non-linear storage to cloud storage and cloud computing, as well as artificial intelligence which is full of sci-fi colors, they have become an important element of the film.

What is big data in the end? Joke aside, if the market taste is also considered big data, then the people selling ice cream is using big data.

Closer to home, I will introduce you several movies about big data and artificial intelligence.

Data Analysis: Can it really bring us wealth?


“The problem we’re trying to solve is that there are rich teams and there are poor teams, then there’s 50 feet of crap, and then there’s us. It’s an unfair game. And now we’ve been gutted. We’re like organ donors for the rich. Boston’s taken our kidneys, Yankees have taken our heart. And you guys sit around talking the same old “good body” nonsense like we’re selling jeans.”

In the Major League Baseball, Billy (Brad Pitt)’s Oakland Athletics team lost to the wealthy New York Yankees, which made him suffer. To add insult to injury, the three main forces have been dug away by heavy money, and the future season is awkward. At the management meeting, everyone was confused, only he made up his mind to transform the team.

By chance, he met Peter (Jonaah Hill), a master of economics at Yale University, which coincided with the idea of team operations. He hired Peter as his own consultant to study how to build the team with the highest winning percentage. In the way of mathematical modeling, they gradually began to explore potential stars with high base rate, and invite them to join the team through various means. They don’t care about the cynicism of the top, just concentrate on finding the roots of confidence and strength for the team, and finally the new season begins…

Limitless (2002)

Eddie Morley (Bradley Cooper) is a writer who lost his job and lacked inspiration. One day his former uncle who had not been in contact for a long time gave him a drug, NZT, which was in the experimental stage. After taking it once, Eddie found himself energetic, clear-minded, quick-moving, and even able to recombine and sort out some details and information that were not easily noticed in an instant.

He applied this ability to stocks, and excavated the vast amount of data already in existence in the world (including corporate earnings, television, newspapers decades ago, Internet, gossip, etc.), connected in series, and even massively Facebook and Twitter. After mining these social data, the general public’s emotional tendency toward a certain stock is obtained. Through the mining and analysis of the information, all the insider is no longer the insider. Based on the results of this data analysis, he won $2 million in 10 days, making professional investors stunned.

Limitless raised a question:

Human usually use only 20% of the brain. If the remaining 80% of the brain’s potential is stimulated, what will the world look like?

Similarly, in the management of enterprises, industries and countries, usually only less than 20% of the data is used (or even less). If the value of the remaining 80% of the data is stimulated, what will the world be like?

Minority Report(2002)

With the development of science and technology, mankind invented the “smart” robot that can detect people’s brain waves – “prophet.” The “prophet” can detect a person’s criminal attempt, so before the criminal sinned, he was arrested and sentenced by the police of the crime prevention organization.

John (Tom Cruise) is a director of the Crime Prevention Organization. After a successful “prophet” prevented a two-person murder case caused by an affair, John vaguely felt the secret hidden in this perfect crime prevention system, that is, the minority report. It turns out that there are three “prophets” together to determine whether a person has a murder attempt. When there is a disagreement, the minority is subject to the majority principle, but in the end, if the minority party is proved to be correct, a minority report will be kept secret.

One day, Jon woke up and suddenly found himself becoming the target of his former colleagues. Jon’s only way out is to find the minority report that proves his innocence…

Cloud Computing: Hydra’s Century Big Move

Captain America 2  (2014)

In the movie Captain America 2, the Hydra organization put the anti-humanity move on the “insight plan.” The super antique computer stores Dr. Zola’s brain and develops an algorithm called the Zola algorithm that reads the data of the past world from the SHIELD database and predicts everyone’s future. The introduction of the basic idea in the movie is like this: taking a person’s behavioral characteristics, consumption behaviors, life behaviors, etc. from birth to the present as a label, and finally guessing whether this person will pose a threat to the organization in the future. Then use the positioning system to kill these people through the sky carrier, bringing a new order. In just two hours of movies, the popular big data concepts such as cloud computing and machine learning are very vivid under the cool visual effects package, which left a deep impression on the audience.

(According to Dr. Zola’s algorithm, Tony Stark is a very threatening object, which can be seen the algorithm is quite very reliable)

The “insight plan” of the Hydra organization has been applied to our daily lives. Maybe you have had this experience: search for books related to the “movie industry” on Amazon, and the website will recommend other bibliographies based on your interests at the bottom. What you have experienced, like the “insight program”, are Internet-based algorithms. In the data era of Internet, our personal information is sporadically exposed in every corner of the network, and we need only a few lines of code to get our information. And through the relevant algorithms, we can not only depict our portraits in reality, but also predict our consumption power, consumer preferences, sexual orientation, political tendencies, and more.

Non-linear storage: Let the police catch the thief more violently!

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit  (2014)

In the special film, new technology is always emerging, the most famous of which is the 007 series. However, the non-linear data and data visualization that appeared at the end of Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is also eye-catching!

In the movie, agents who have been hiding in the United States for many years have created the illusion that he has been dying through various information. However, FBI searches for the information of the doctor who gave him a false certificate, through his social security number, and the surrounding public telephone. The call record and other information finally concluded that the agent should be hidden in Pennsylvania Week and intends to commit a crime.

The main technique involved in this story is the non-linear data structure. The dandelion image appearing in the movie is a structure of “graph”, which is composed of small dots (called vertices or nodes) and line or curve (called an edge) that joins these dots.

This kind of structure is a method of representing the relationship between objects and objects. In the basic idea of big data, “emphasizing correlations rather than causality” is an important methodology for analyzing and predicting.

Artificial intelligence: Will one day replace human?

Transcendence  (2014)

After the release of Transcendence, the topic of artificial intelligence was brought into people’s vision again. Although the plot is bad, the box office performance is flat, but it is said that Hawking feels deeply after seeing it, and also makes the topic of artificial intelligence, with the Transcendence together on the headlines.

In 1950, Turing, who taught at the University of Manchester, proposed the famous “Turing Test”: a person who, in the absence of contact with the other person, conducted a series of questions and answers with the other party in a special way, if for a long time, he can’t judge whether the other party is a person or a computer based on these questions. Then, you can think that this computer has the same intelligence as the same person, that is, this computer can think.

In Transcendence, Morgan asked the computer PINN: “Do you have self-awareness? How to prove it?” PINN replied: “Professor, this is a very difficult question. How do you prove you have?”

As a commercial film, Transcendence did not spend a lot of time discussing computer philosophy, but this seemingly inadvertent scene immediately improved the content of the whole film.

Since the introduction of the Turing test concept, many scientists have tried to get the computer through the Turing test. Today, big companies such as Apple, Google, have been far away on the road of artificial intelligence. The emergence of voice assistants gives us reason to expect more from artificial intelligence. Although Siri is stupid, it is enough to make Raj love her obsessively (The Big Bang Theory).

I, Robot  (2004)

When it comes to artificial intelligence, another movie that I have to mention is I, Robot. There has been a long-standing concern about artificial intelligence betraying human beings. The background of the story is set to a near future. In 2035, highly intelligent robots have been integrated into human society. They provide various services for human beings without complaints.

All robots run under the three laws. First, the robot can not harm humans, or see human beings hurt and stand by; second, the robot must obey human commands without violating the first law; third, the robot must protect itself without violating the first and second laws.

The three laws are the clues of the whole movie. Unlike the catastrophic movies that the general artificial intelligence leads to the end of the world, I, Robot pays more attention to the discussion of the relationship between humans and robots. That is, in the case where the robot has the same level of intelligence as humans, we should treat it as something. There is a sentence in the film that is thought-provoking: “The three laws are perfect in themselves, but the perfect rules and constraints bring not peace, but revolution.”

Big Hero 6  (2014)

Of course, in addition to this, there are many AI-related movies that can bring joy to people, such as the Big Hero 6 that have been hot in the past few years. “Hello! I am Baymax, your personal healthcare companion.” Those who have seen the Big Hero 6 must remember this line of Baymax. It is said that the emergence of Baymax, for the first time, swayed the position of the “most cute robot” in the hearts of the audience.

Doraemon: Stand by me  (2014)

There is another robot that you will never forget. It’s a Doraemon! Did you see this name suddenly remembered that it is also a robot? This is also the success of its image creation. When it comes to Doraemon, your first thought may be a robot cat, which may be a good partner, but it will never associate it with artificial intelligence. But it is indeed an uncompromising artificial intelligence.

Doraemon: Stand by me aims to commemorate the 80th anniversary of Fujiko F. Fujio’s birth. The story itself may not have any special features, but the image of “Doraemon” has already left an indelible mark on the hearts of our generation.

I hope that after watching the movies mentioned above, you can learn more about the meaning of big data and artificial intelligence. If you still want to watch these similar movies, please leave me a comment, or come to my Facebook page: FineReport Reporting Software to find me.

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