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Where Do You Travel Next? Let Data Analysis Tell You

You are going to have a holiday right away. Your heart is beginning to figure out where to go for holiday travel. Is it a pleasant Southeast Asia or a romantic Europe? Without data analysis,you can’t make a choice easily.

How to choose?

Before the tour begins, you may search for your favorite places on major travel websites. What factors will affect you the most? Is the comment of the netizen? Or the price of the ticket? Or the local specialty snack?

At this time, I want to ask you a question, let go of these subjective factors, do not want to see how to get the answer through data analysis, where is the most popular attraction?

Let’s take a look at a few pictures.

The first is the flow of people in China’s Qingming holidays.

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Taiwan exit and entry flow chart

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Let’s start!

Here, we choose a well-known attraction in China to do data analysis. Dunhuang City is located in the northwest of Gansu Province, China. It is a county-level city under the management of Jiuquan City. It is a national historical and cultural city and has always been a major town on the Silk Road. Known for its Dunhuang Grottoes and Dunhuang murals, it is the seat of the world cultural heritage Mogao Grottoes and the Han Great Wall on the edge of Yumen Gate and Yangguan.

First, let’s take a look at the dashboard of Dunhuang City Tourism.

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Do you think that the amount of information is very large, you even don’t know what to look for at the moment, it doesn’t matter, let me clarify the connection in this big screen for you.

The upper left corner shows the tourism resources in Dunhuang. It can be seen that there are 112 tourist attractions, 84 travel agencies, 678 hotels, 1,600 souvenir shops, 693 catering and entertainments, 1200 transportation in Dunhuang.

The rest of the first row is a detailed analysis of the official website traffic, the left side is a specific analysis of the various indicators of user behavior, and the right side is the analysis of the page views of various keywords in Baidu search engine. We can see that the search volume of Mogao Grottoes is the highest.

Starting from the second row, the left side is the analysis of the users of the website. From the ring diagram on the left, we can see the distribution of user’s gender and age, and the academic distribution of the users can be seen on the right side.

On the right side of the second row is the comparison of the transaction amount and the order amount for different travel platforms, which is visually displayed in the form of a funnel chart for easy view. At the bottom there is specific data for each platform.


Through this dashboard of tourism data, we can clearly see which spots have higher search volume and which trading platforms have more volume. With this data analysis, you can clearly understand your travel preferences and help you make more informed choices.

Similarly, merchants can also get user preferences and habits based on these data, change the investment direction, and develop a better profit plan.


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