We’re excited to announce that MTC will collaborate closely with FineReport to address customers’ demands and serve U.S. customers better across industries.

As market leader in Reporting and BI software, FineReport applications and services enable more than 6,000 client companies to run better. And over 2 million users analyze and interpret important information with FineReport products.

The agreement enables small and midsize manufacturing and distribution companies in the United States to gain a BI footprint that unifies data across their enterprise systems, rapidly aggregates and analyzes the data, and reports on it in a simple, intuitive manner.

For a quick overview of the MTC-FineReport capabilities, watch this brief video:

1. The Benefits of FineReport BI and Reporting

FineReport’s BI and reporting tools help manufacturers and distributors overcome four significant obstacles to effective decision-making:

(1) Fragmented business system data that’s too unwieldy to use effectively

(2) Highly inaccurate and inefficient traditional data integration via SQL + Excel

(3) Rigid reporting that makes it impossible to respond to changing market conditions and evolving business needs

(4) Lack of unified reporting that slows decision-making and prevents the pursuit of new opportunities

2. Products and Services Available Now

Available immediately, MTC has solutions for consulting, implementation, and support of FineReport BI tools to improve companies’ decision-making. Under the strategic partnership, MTC’s solutions focus on these areas:

(1)Data Integration

FineReport delivers multi-data source correlation, cross-database and cross-data sheet access, and simply applying multi-business system data; it also integrates related business data into a single report, allowing more data to be applied to operational analyses for better business control.

(2) Data collection and modeling

The FineReport report designer tool enables users to design reports that can address their needs in an easy-to-use interface. All reports are accessible within a unified decision-making environment.

(3) Data display

Users are able to access data anytime, anywhere, whether via PCs or mobile devices. From all access points, users can read reports, review data, and perform “drill downs” to explore data value more deeply. Users leverage these capabilities to view charts, perform multi-dimensional analyses, and decide based on real-time information.

3. Modernizing BI and Reporting is a Must

In Gartner’s 2017 Market Guide for Traditional Enterprise Reporting Platforms, the analyst firm noted that modern platforms will marginalize traditional enterprise-reporting-based platforms that don’t add modern BI capabilities into their platforms. FineReport provides the modern BI platform and tools that will replace those of traditional vendors while MTC delivers it over the web for manufacturing and distribution companies.

“We’re looking forward to helping our U.S. customer base improve how they make the high-value decisions that drive growth and efficiency in their business and offer a sustainable competitive advantage,” said Wenyi Jiang, Executive Manager of MTC Systems. “FineReport’s impressive customer growth and retention in the areas of BI and reporting demonstrate the value their BI tools deliver to companies every day.”


For more information about how MTC Systems and FineReport can make your business more productive with FineReport’s web-based suite of BI and reporting tools, visit the dedicated MTC website on BI at https://www.mtcsys.us/finereport.