Fanruan and Huawei provide more comprehensive big data services, achieving mutual product certification FineReport | BI Reporting and Dashboard Software

Fanruan and Huawei provide more comprehensive big data services, achieving mutual product certification

Recently, Fanruan and Huawei announced that they have completed the mutual authentication of the Fanruan data visualization software and the Huawei EI solution. After the Fanruan report FineReport and the business intelligence FineBI are deployed to Huawei’s big data software FusionInsight and Huawei distributed database GaussDB, it will help users to achieve rapid implementation ,visualize the results of data processing and build a powerful, comprehensive “management dashboard that allows users to view easily and understand data and make business decisions and innovations based on data processing results.


Fanruan provides efficient, easy-to-use, simple and intelligent big data analytics tools that help users quickly analyze, visualize and share information. The Huawei EI solution is a converged data processing and service platform that is launched by Huawei for customers in many industries, including Hadoop ecosystem distribution, distributed database, artificial intelligence platform and private cloud service. It can help enterprises quickly build massive data information processing systems, and discover new value points and business opportunities by real-time and non-real-time analysis and mining of massive information data inside and outside the enterprise. Product mutual authentication between Fanruan business intelligence software and Huawei EI solutions can provide customers with more comprehensive big data processing and analysis services.

With the advent of the digital age, technologies such as the Internet of Things, cloud computing, and mobile Internet are booming. However, with the increasing and complex data background, how to make full use of data to assist business decisions has become an important issue in digital management. In this context, the cooperation between Fanruan and Huawei is the strong alliance between the two leading data processing and analysis companies at the dawn of the digital economy.


Yang Yang, Dean of the Fanruan Data Application Research Institute, said:

“This time, together with Huawei, will help users understand and utilize data more fully, and rich and diverse data visualization information guide users to make timely business decision adjustments, so that data releases more unknown potential.”



At the same time, Ma Li, president of Huawei IT cloud computing and big data  platform product line, also said:

“Fanruan is the leading provider of big data BI and analytics platforms in China. Fanruan’s cooperation with Huawei will provide our customers with richer and more comprehensive big data solutions, enabling users to access information and explore information more intuitively and easily and share information.”



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