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FanRuan and 360 Enterprise Security Release the First White Book in BI Field

The data is crude oil in the 21st century and  the core asset of the company. Business intelligence (BI) is the main means for enterprises to use data assets, and its security becomes the primary consideration for users when choosing business intelligence products.

Recently, the first commercial software vendor in the domestic market, FanRuan Software and 360 Enterprise Security jointly released the “2018 White Book of Business Intelligence Security  ” (hereinafter referred to as the White Book), which is the first security white book  in the field of business intelligence.

The white book first introduced the current state of data security. The monitoring data from 360, Alibaba, Tencent and other Internet companies, as well as the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, showed that the number of corporate information security incidents monitored in 2016 has exceeded 10,000.Compared with 2014, it has increased nearly ten times, and these security incidents have brought different degrees of economic losses to enterprises.

From a global perspective, on average, two companies per minute in the world have closed down due to information security issues, and 11 companies have caused more than 8 million direct economic losses due to information security issues.The current security incidents are only the tip of the iceberg. New security viruses, cyber hacking, and corporate secrets are not discovered until a long time ago. Information security has become a link that enterprises have to pay attention to. Most (mainstream) business intelligence software is web applications. According to Gartner, 2/3 of web applications have more or less security problems, and a large part of them are even quite serious problems.

The white book also describes three major misunderstandings in the construction of information security. First, pay attention to hardware investment and ignore software investment. They often like to buy a bunch of hardware devices such as firewalls and gateways at high prices. The second is that information security is anti-virus software. It is considered safe to install anti-virus software and firewalls. It is not aware of the risks brought by the security vulnerabilities of the information software itself. Third, the lack of security and confidentiality awareness, anti-disclosure and conscious.In fact, the information security leaks of enterprises and institutions, whether it is a threat such as viruses, hackers or other factors, are the most important reasons caused by human factors.

Based on the above situation, FanRuan proposed that the basic security requirements of business intelligence should be divided into two categories: basic technical requirements and basic management requirements. The technical security requirements are related to the technical security mechanisms provided by the information system, mainly by deploying software and hardware in the information system and correctly configuring its security functions. This is also the security capability necessary for business intelligence.

In order to facilitate understanding, the white paper also divides the basic technical requirements into three aspects: device and network communication security, application and data security, and mobile security management. Management-related security requirements are related to activities in which various roles participate in the information system, mainly by controlling the activities of various roles, from policies, systems, norms, processes, and records. We use security management policies and privacy to interpret and describe management security requirements.

Wang Pei, director of 360 Enterprise Safety and Ecological Development, said at the conference: “Today’s cooperation with FanRuan is mainly a green part. We call it a pan terminal. In the past, the terminal was nothing more than a PC and a server. Now it is the era of mobile internet. On the rapid development of IOT, we have defined it as a pan-terminal, not only a traditional PC server, but also a terminal that has been extended to mobile and IOT. FanRuan is China’s number one position in the BI field, and 360 enterprise security is also the first in the security field. The two sides can jointly launch a better BI security solution.”

It is understood that as the current commercial intelligence manufacturer with the largest domestic market share, FanRuan has cooperated with nearly 10,000 medium and large enterprises, including banks, securities and aviation industries that have strict requirements on product safety. On the one hand, it is for cooperative security manufacturers to provide a more secure and reliable data environment; On the other hand, it’s necessary to standardize industry standards and guide the business intelligence industry to take customer data security as the core work.

FanRuan CEO Chen Yan said: “Data security is the lifeline of customer business. It is no exaggeration for FanRuan to pay attention to data security. FanRuan hopes to establish a business intelligence security protection standard system and use business intelligence to make efforts for customers. Data security for business intelligence products is escorted.”

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