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Java report printing with flash Print

Java Reporting Tool FineReport support APPLET print, PDF print, FLASH print three kinds of report printing mode, adapt to a variety of different printing needs. Which, FineReport original FLASH report printing technology, the first perfect solution to the problems of java statements industry more than 10 years of browser-based printing problems.

Now basically based reporting toolto show and edit the java platform, browser-based reports, the natural need for browser-based printing method. However, due to the direct printing browser page can not be accurate, do not support even playing, so the current Java reporting tool to use more plug-in printing methods, such as APPLET, PDF, etc., but the two methods required to install java report printing large the plug-in, practical difference.

For several reasons, direct printing browser and not as a report printing solution:
(1)Paging is not accurate
Browser generally based on the user settings page size, the number of web page content from the line decided to split position programmer difficult to control. But the show and print reports are often carried out in accordance with the size of the regular paging. So the difficulty is not precise print control pagination bigger.
(2)There will be interference Header Footer
(3)Can not be accurately aligned edge margins and print text
(4)Can not support the continuous printing
In print the report, especially in the Printing bills, even playing a very common one demand, that is, each is not printing only one bill, but once printed a number of consecutive notes.

Because of these problems, not able to take advantage of the direct print function of the browser. Print mode current general reporting tool used mostly for PDF printing, APPLET print or ActiveX print, but all three have a common question is: will need to download and install a large plug-in and ActiveX approach only supports IE browser, IE under the premise of increasing emphasis on security in the newer versions are disabled ActiveX, this printing method using the report gave cause great distress.

In response to these problems and difficulties, Java reporting tool FineReport created a Flash printing technology, the perfect solution to the problems of the first ten years of industry reports, browser-based printing problems. Flash paging or accurate printing can be perfect, and almost 95% of browsers are pre-installed Flash Player, no longer need to install the Flash Player before you print, even if you need to install a few hundred K of size, very convenient .

FineReport report printing mode

FineReport report printing mode

Due to the need of the market, other reporting software appeared in Flash software corresponding print function, but due to technical problems, only twelve finally succeeded, as shown in the following table:

flash printing 2008 year FineReport Invention
2009 year—2010 year FineReport continue to deepen and expand the application of surface
2011 year FineReport Flash printing is fully mature, in domestic there are one or 2 suppliers initially achieve this.

FineReport reporting tools pioneered Flash printing under years of accumulated experience has been maturing, Flash to print more can be done to print the report unrestricted, regardless of what the report, as long as the design came out, you can use the Flash FineReport print precise printing.