Beat the Coronavirus

Solutions for Data Management During Coronavirus

FineReport's Solution Under COVID-19

Data Collection

  • Multi-terminal collection, efficient and fast

    Support data entry from mobile, pc, and H5. Information can be collected anytime and anywhere to ensure there is no omission.

  • Quick positioning function

    Mobile App can reach second-level positioning to obtain the current location of workers, ensure reliable and accurate data while avoiding long text input.

  • Photo uploading function

    When filling out the form, photos taking through the phone can be automatically identified and uploaded immediately.

  • One-stop data service

    Using premade templates to share filling through common communication tools and reach real-time analysis and display of analysis results.

Data Analysis and Exhibition

Direct connection to the database for real-time update

The traditional manual statistics require large time and effort. However, FineReport epidemic application helps the data filling in the real-time storing.

Mobile terminal display, real-time attention

The core indicators were constantly paid attention through mobile devices; the latest information within the enterprise can be grasped anytime and anywhere, for decision making in order to avoid possible losses caused by information lag.

Large Screen Data Visualization

FineReport integrates the current most comprehensive epidemic data for real-time updates

  • No need to visit major information websites.
  • No trouble to identify the information facticity.
  • No time cost to crawling, ETL data

All you need is a large screen to display the latest and most dynamic information to comprehensively monitoring the trend of the epidemic. And the dashboard adapted to any screen size.

Application Scenario For COVID-19

Tracking Coronavirus COVID-19

Work Resumption Management

  • Remote Work Management Dashboard
  • Daily Health Status Report
  • Entry&Exit Registration

Hospital Management

  • Medical Supplies Monitoring Dashboard
  • Patients Data Monitoring Dashboard
  • In and Out of Storage Report

Application Value


Practical Value

One station solution for data collection, analyzing, visualization.

The public data source was unified collected then processed and displayed on the large screen.

Many kinds of template options´╝î including 5 general situation model and 21 specific models, and FanRuan keeps updating the models.

Data privatization´╝îclients are able to store data on their own servers.


Use Cost

All templates are free and have its own database(keep updating).

No need for jar package updated.

No need to restart the template, a new version of the template can directly use.