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A Reporting Tool for Cool Data Visualization

FineReport itself is a universal reporting tool and data visualization tool. It’s like Excel, small enough to store statistical data, make a wide variety of charts, dashboards, and make financial statements and develop invoicing systems. It can play the role of an intermediate data management platform and connect to various business system data including ERP, CRM, OA, MIS. It can quickly generate reports and build a unified data analysis and visualization platform.

If Excel Annoys You, FineReport will Save You!

FineReport is essentially a universal reporting software and data visualization tool. Compared with Excel, it is small enough to store statistical data, produce a wide variety of charts and dashboard; It is large to produce financial, sales, marketing and other business reports, develop invoicing systems, connect to big data platforms and build data centers.

Overview of Designer.

Let’ s have an overview of FineReportreporting tool designer. 1. Designer Overview The following picture is an overall example of the FineReport designer. 1.1 Dataset Management Panel The Dataset Management Panel in report designer displays datasets which are the direct sources of template data extracted from the database through SQL statement. Dataset includes template dataset andserver…

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