All analysis functions are fully loaded in your hands

Comprehensive mobile data analysis capabilities / functional experience comparable to the PC-side / exclusive advantages of mobile devices

Drilling linkage ●

Support drilling down and drilling up / supports data linkage analysis between charts

Parameter query ●

Filter and display the data by clicking the query button

Message push ●

Real-time data notifications and alerts

QR code ●

Scan QR code or barcode to complete querying and filling in the database

Mobile report ●

Support various types of controls and data verification / Support for submission of temporary storage

● Comment sharing

Support handwritten comments / support to share to colleagues via email

● Photo upload

Support shooting file uploads

● Offline view

Support offline viewing of reports

● Pinch zoom gestures

Support zoom gestures and click zoom to view chart component details

● Security

Inherit the data permission setting on the PC side / support binding MAC address to mobile devices / support VPN channel encryption

FineReport in Hands, Fine Solution in Minutes

FineRepot mobile APP performs very well in data display and data analysis. It is not a simple reporting APP but provides a comprehensive solution for mobile data visualization, data display, data analysis, data filling and even mobile working platform.

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