The frequently asked questions of FineReport

Product Info

1. What is FineReport BI and reporting tool?

FineReport is a business intelligence and reporting software integrating data display (report) and data entry (filling) for use in assisting with software development. FineReport can accelerate software development and improve software stability during the development process. It can also be changed on demand, greatly reduce maintenance difficulties and improve the satisfaction of the final users after software delivery. The final users can use FineReport to construct a flexible report center and realize the uniform access and management of reports, offering more data for operation analysis and business control.

2. What is FineReport comprised of?

FineReport is comprised of a report designer and a server. The former is for designing templates and the latter for parsing templates. Designer: The FineReport report designer has a simple user-friendly interface. If you are familiar with Microsoft Excel, you already know how to use it. Alternatively, you can consult the FineReport Help document to quickly master the usage of the designer. Server: The FineReport report server is mainly used for reading and parsing templates made by the designer and transforming them into HTML pages. In this way, users can easily check (via browsers like IE and Firefox), modify and print data. With its powerful built-in cache mechanisms and clustering mechanisms, the server is capable of calculating a super large amount of data and supporting the concurrent processing of a large number of users. Its innovative flash technology perfectly supports zero-client precision printing.

3. What are the main functions of FineReport?

FineReport is a user-friendly web BI and reporting software designed for enterprises which allows you to create complex reports through simple drag and drop. It also integrates powerful functions including variable displays of reports, data filling, data analysis, authority control, scheduled dispatch, printing and output, secondary development and mobile applications.

Complex Reports:
supports multi-source data correlation, row (column) symmetry, column-break/page-break/group-break reports, dynamic inter-cell calculation, functions (formats), aggregate reports
Authority Control:
single sign-on/rich authority authentications and refined authority control plans/report module encryption/easy operation
Data Filling:
filling verification and control/multi-filling patterns/multi-source filling/self-filling/column filling/cross filling/multi-stage reporting
Design Mode:
Excel-analogous designer/multi-working directory and remote design/multi-department and multi-person collaboration
Interactive Analysis:
HTML5 chart/chart linkage/data linkage/multi-data drilling/drilling of any combination/infinite hierarchy drilling/multi-dimensional data analysis/real-time analysis
Import & Export:
supports import and export in almost any format; APPLET, .pdf and Flash printing and multi-print control
HTML5 chart technology/17 chart types/52 chart patterns/data map/flexible parameter passing and rich interactive effects
supports adaptive screen, independent component refreshing and the construction of a 'business dashboards' via dashboards function, charts and various interactive functions
Parameter Controls:
visualized drag and drop, flexible layout/direct utilization of rich parameter controls
Scheduled Dispatch:
scheduled generation of daily, monthly, quarterly and annual reports, notification by email/scheduled filling to achieve scheduled loading, summary and filling of data into a database
Secondary Development:
application developers can use web scripts and API interfaces for deep development and control; supports control development, installation, utilization and management to meet individualized requirements
Reporting System Management:
it can facilitate report management, account management, organization management, authority management, log monitoring, scheduled dispatch and support varied enterprise analyses
Mobile Application:
It supports iOS and Android applications. Reports can be filled in and displayed on mobile devices and PC terminals, and can be integrated to third party APPs
Data Support:
common database/BI multi-dimensional database/standard data source/program, text data source/stored procedures
Application & Deployment:
seamless integration of JAVA projects/independent deployment and embedded deployment/non-JAVA projects, independent WEB server support/C/S system or page integration, embedded browser control, iframe
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4. How can the FineReport help with software development?

Current situation:
In the traditional development of database-based software, the main work is to enter the data through editing JSP/ASP/PHP codes and to read and display the data in the database. This method of data entry (filling) and data display (reports) has low development efficiency and a high maintenance workload after project delivery. Moreover, the revision costs are extremely high even when there is only a little change on client requirements.
With FineReport BI and reporting tool, code editing is no longer necessary. With the report template designer, users can make a template available for data display and data entry through drag and drop, then save the templates under directories specified by the FineReport report server. If the final user requires remote access to a template via the browser, the FineReport report server will automatically parse the template specified by the user to a zero-client HTML page in the browser. In this way, the user can directly check or enter data in the browser.

5. Who needs FineReport?

Software Companies

It is easy for the specialized technicians of software companies to learn the usage of FineReport business intelligence and reporting tool. The integration of FineReport in software products (e.g., ERP, CRM and OA) can quicken the software development progress, increase software stability, greatly reduce later software maintenance costs and improve the satisfaction of the final users.

Final Users

With FineReport, enterprise software can be improved and enhanced to meet any requirements. In this way, the enterprise can escape its dependence on software companies and become independently capable of data processing, data analysis and report making after a simple training process. In addition, the original enterprise software systems are no longer unchanging static systems but dynamic systems that can be changed, improved and enhanced on demand. In this way, enterprises can transcend the vicious cycle of 'new software is bought every year, yet cannot meet the annual changing demands' in the software industry.

6. In which languages is FineReport available?

At present, FineReport is available in Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Korean and Japanese versions. You can visit the FineReport official website in a specific language to download the corresponding software. If you have already downloaded and used FineReport BI and reporting tool, you can switch between languages at any time. Method: switch to the desired language in [Document] - [Settings], then restart the software.

Get your activation code:

Installation and Activation

1. How to install FineReport BI and reporting software?

First, double click the FineReport installation program and follow the installation steps. The installation will use about 146 MB of memory space.

2. What is the activation code for the FineReport report designer?

The activation code is an authorization document issued by FineReport for the usage of FineReport. To use the FineReport report designer, you must have an activation code. After software installation, the activation prompt will appear (as shown below). Click 'Get Activation Code Now' to get free activation codes from the official website of FineReport. It only takes 3 minutes.

FineReport activation interface

3. How do I get the free activation code?

Visit the FineReport official website (FineReport Activation Code) and fill in the activation code application form. We will then send the code to your registered email. In case of failure, please provide us with the application form information at international@fanruan.com and we will send you the code.

4. How do I activate the FineReport report designer with the activation code?

After downloading and installing FineReport, it is necessary to input the activation code to activate the designer before an operation. Copy and paste the free activation code into the input box and click OK. Next time, simply log into the designer directly.

5. Are there any time limits on using the activation codes?

The activation codes have no time limits.

6. Are there any corresponding report help documents?

Please visit the online FineReport Help Document to help you.

Updating and Compatibility

1. What are the do's and don’ts for updating to the latest version of FineReport?

You can refer to the detailed updating instructions in the FineReport Help Document.

2. Are version upgrades free of charge?

FineReport will regularly generate some small-version upgrade packages free of charge. However, big-version upgrades (e.g., from 6.1, 6.2 or 6.5 to 7.0) are provided for a fee. Please contact our sales person for details.

Registration and Authorization

1. What are the differences between registered and non-registered FineReport?

Registered and non-registered FineReport have no differences in their functions; both have all software functions (report designer and report server). The non-registered version is available for use after activation.
* In local access to a report on the remote server, a link and a webpage of Please purchase FineReport Enterprise--Register appears in the lower left corner of the report
* Unregistered version has access to 2 concurrences, meaning server accessible to only 2 concurrent clients, which will greatly affect your work.
* Unregistered version will suspend the Web application servers every seven days, preventing any access to reports, when it is necessary to restart Web application servers such as Tomcat.Just imagine, if you have projects under way, such server restart will result in great influence on them or even unnecessary losses.
So we suggest users purchase FineReport reporting software, register and use it.

2. What is the FineReport registration process?

(1) Open a report
The license documents for FineReport registration and authorization are bound with the MAC address of the computer. Therefore, when you start up the FineReport designer, open any report and click the page-break preview, the FineReport report registration prompt will appear in the lower left corner of the web interface.
(2) Register
Click 'Register' to open the dialogue box. Fill in the corresponding company name and project name. Click 'Submit Registration Information' to generate a TXT document (name: RegistrationInformation).
FineReport registration information
(3) Send RegistrationInformation to us
Send this TXT document to business@fanruan.com. Our working staff will send the generated authorization license document to you after checking your purchase and registration information.
(4) Use the authorization license document
Put the obtained license document in the '%:FineReport6.5WebReportWEB-INFresources' file folder, then restart the designer.

3. How can I check the successful registration of FineReport?

Registered users are required to check whether they have registered successfully, the registration version and concurrency number. Deploy projects with no lic and log in to the administration platform: http://IP: port/report application name/ReportServer?op=fr_platform (IP, ports and application names will be redefined based on the names of the user's Web application servers and report applications). Click on Administration System > Registration Information > Version Information to check whether the server being accessed is registered. The unregistered version is shown below:

FineReport-Successful registration

Price and Order

1. What is the price of FineReport?

The product is quoted based on user functions. For a detailed quotation, please send an email to lewis@fanruan.com or call Lewis on +86 15190273827