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How to build enterprise financial analysis platform and models?

An analysis system that can successfully operate and bring benefits often requires a series of links such as master data management, data warehouse construction, analysis platform, and indicator combing. What kind of financial problem do you want to solve? What’s your expectations and what data do you have now? What do you have to do step by step?

FanRuan and 360 Enterprise Security Release the First White Book in BI Field

Recently, the first commercial software vendor in the domestic market, FanRuan Software and 360 Enterprise Security jointly released the “Business Intelligence Security White Paper 2018” (hereinafter referred to as the White Paper), which is the first security white paper in the field of business intelligence.

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Using North Star Metrics to display your key information on a large screen

From this article,you may be able to understand “north star metrics selection” idea. The core is to determine the main map – select the north star metrics – according to the association, causal relationship dismantling metrics, similar to the “Pyramid principle.” In this way, the train of thought is very clear and even large screen projects can see clearly such a way of thinking.

Announcing the new cluster—the most stable way to improve your reporting system

With the improvement of the status of the reporting system in the enterprise information system,the pressure of which has also increased. For enterprises with large data volume, high user volume and high concurrency, how to make the reporting system stable under high-pressure environment and ensure the security and availability of the system has become a problem that enterprises have to consider. However,clusters are a good way to solve these problems.

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Data Reporting & Visualization

This article also undertakes the previous article “Data Visualization Using FineReport ”. Unlike the previous one, this time most of the advanced charts are more suitable for practical applications, and are developed by our developers for use in FineReport.


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Compare 6 Types and 14 Data Visualization Tools

Which data visualization tool do you recommend? That’s a tricky question to answer, but in this article I will compare Echarts, Highcharts, Tableau, FineReport, FineBI, PowerBI, etc. for you.

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6 Important Tips for Choosing the Right Reporting Tool

6 Important Tips for Choosing the Right Reporting Tool:1. What types of data sources does it support/2. How easy is it to use the report designer/3. Does it support the complex report and rich visual effects/4. Does the reporting tool support mobile devices/5. What types of export and printing formats does it support/6. Is the reporting software a closed application

Compare FineReport and Crystal Reports

what’s difference between Crystal Reports and FineReport?Compare to Crystal Reports, FineReport statements either in report design,data presentation, or form, application integration, etc., Obviously has distinct advantages.

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