Data Management

  • Support various data source connections
  • Export Report:Multiple Export Options, Supports Perfect Export from Designer or Browser
  • Report Printing: Multiple Print Options to Meet Daily Business Needs



Data Visualization

  • Self-developed HTML5 Charts: 20+ types and 100+ styles
  • Data map: Support regional maps, point maps, thermal maps, flow maps and other map effects to display geographic information more intuitively.
  • Dashboard: Combines analysis components into an aesthetically readable dashboard. Subject-level analysis of data through drill/link/screen operations


Enterprise management

  • Unified access: Through the unified application access portal, users of different roles can see the dashboard view and dashboard functions that meet their needs through a portal system.
  • Centralized management: Provide a unified system management environment for system resources, system configuration, monitoring logs, users, permissions, dashboard templates, and scheduled scheduling in the data decision system.
  • finereport-Enterprise management

Industry Solution

FineReport has worked with more than 7,000+ clients in various industries, covering 233 detail areas, such as IT, finance, manufacturing, energy, retailing, transportation, construction, healthcare, service, foreign trade, communications, telecommunications, electric power, government, educational research, etc.

Multi-screen application

  • Mobile: Can be accessed directly from a mobile browser. Integrated into other APPs, you can call HTML5 parsed reports directly via URL
  • Big Screen: The management dashboard of all data for the enterprise. Support publishing to multi-scene data on the big screen for visual centralized control
  • finereport-bi-multiscreen